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245 1 0 _aAdvanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems
_h[electronic resource] :
_b17th International Conference, ACIVS 2016, Lecce, Italy, October 24-27, 2016, Proceedings /
_cedited by Jacques Blanc-Talon, Cosimo Distante, Wilfried Philips, Dan Popescu, Paul Scheunders.
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_bSpringer International Publishing :
_bImprint: Springer,
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490 1 _aLecture Notes in Computer Science,
_x0302-9743 ;
505 0 _aGradients versus Grey Values for Sparse Image Reconstruction and Inpainting-Based Compression -- Global Bilateral Symmetry Detection Using Multiscale Mirror Histograms -- Neural Network Boundary Detection for 3D Vessel Segmentation -- A Simple Human Activity Recognition Technique using DCT -- Hand Gesture Recognition using Infrared Imagery Provided by Leap Motion Controller -- Horizon line detection from fisheye images using color local image region descriptors and Bhattacharyya coefficient-based distance -- Joint Segmentation Of Myocardium On Multi State Spect Images -- Parallel Hough space image generation method for real time lane detection -- A Novel Decentralised System Architecture for Multi-Camera Target Tracking -- Intramolecular FRET efficiency measures for time-lapse fluorescence microscopy images -- Predicting Image Aesthetics with Deep Learning -- Automatic Image Splicing Detection Based On Noise Density Analysis In Raw Images -- Breast Shape Parametrization through Planar Projections -- Decreasing Time Consumption of Microscopy Image Segmentation through Parallel Processing on the GPU -- Coral reef fish detection and recognition in underwater videos by supervised machine learning : Comparison between Deep Learning and hog+svm methods -- A Real-time Eye Gesture Recognition System Based on Fuzzy Inference System for Mobile Devices Monitoring -- Spatially Varying Weighting Function-based Global and Local Statistical Active Contours. Application to X-ray Images -- Vegetation segmentation in cornfield images using bag of words -- Fast Traffic Sign Recognition Using Color Segmentation and Deep Convolutional Networks -- The Orlando Project: a 28 nm FDSOI Low Memory Embedded Neural Network ASIC -- Factor Analysis of Dynamic Sequence with Spatial Prior for 2D Cardiac Spect Sequences Analysis -- Soccer Player Detection with Only Color Features Selected Using Informed Haar-like Features -- Person Re-identification in frontal gait sequences via Histogram of Optic flow Energy Image -- A Bayesian approach to linear unmixing in the presence of highly mixed spectra -- Key frames extraction based on local features for efficient video summarization -- A simple evaluation procedure for range camera measurement quality -- Accordion Representation based Multi-scale Covariance Descriptor for Multi-shot Person Re-identification -- Jensen Shannon divergence as reduced reference measure for image denoising -- Visual Localization using Sequence Matching Based on Multi-feature Combination -- Towards Automated Drone Surveillance in Railways: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions -- Combining Stacked Denoising Autoencoders and Random Forests for Face Detection -- Multimodal Registration of PET/MR Brain Images based on Adaptive Mutual Information -- Aerial detection in maritime scenarios using convolutional neural networks -- R3P: Real-time RGB-D Registration Pipeline -- Vector Quantization Enhancement for Computer Vision Tasks -- Learning Approaches for Parking Lots Classification -- Video event detection based non-stationary Bayesian networks -- Optimized Connected Components Labeling with Pixel Prediction -- Hierarchical Fast Mean-Shift Segmentation in Depth Images -- Robust Color Watermarking Method Based On Clifford Transform -- Action-02MCF: A robust space-time Correlation Filter for Action Recognition in clutter and adverse lighting conditions -- An Image Quality Metric With Reference For Multiply Distorted Image -- 3D Planar RGB-D SLAM System -- Towards a generic m-svm parameters estimation using overlapping swarm intelligence for handwritten characters recognition -- Human Action Recognition Based on Temporal Pyramid of Key Poses Using RGB-D Sensors -- Multi-layer Dictionary Learning for Image Classification -- Intelligent Vision System for ASD Diagnosis and Assessment -- Visual Target Detection and Tracking in UAV EO/IR Videos by Moving Background Subtraction -- A Multiphase Level Set Method on Graphs for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation -- A Mobile Application for Leaf Detection in Complex Background using Saliency Maps -- Content-based mammogram retrieval using mixed kernel PCA and curvelet transform -- Combination of RGB-D Features for Head and Upper Body Orientation Classification -- A parametric algorithm for skyline extraction -- Quaternion linear color edge-glowing filter using genetic algorithm -- Scalable Vision System for Mouse Homecage Ethology -- Spatio-Temporal Features Learning with 3DPyraNet -- Automatic segmentation of tv news into stories using visual and temporal information -- Wavelet neural network initialization using LTS for DNA Sequence Classification -- Collection of Visual Data in Climbing Experiments for Addressing the Role of Multi-Modal Exploration in Motor Learning Efficiency -- Fog Augmentation of Road Images for Performance Analysis of Traffic Sign Detection Algorithms -- Statistical Modeling based Adaptive Parameter Setting for Random Walk Segmentation -- On-the-y Architecture Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Stereovision System -- Complex Image Processing Using Correlated Color Information -- Using PNU-based Techniques to Detect Alien Frames in Videos. .
520 _aThis book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, ACIVS 2016, held in Lecce, Italy, in October 2016. The 64 revised full papers presented in this volume were carefully selected from 137 submissions. They deal with classical low-level image processing techniques; image and video compression; 3D; security and forensics; and evaluation methodologies. .
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650 2 4 _aAlgorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
700 1 _aBlanc-Talon, Jacques.
700 1 _aDistante, Cosimo.
700 1 _aPhilips, Wilfried.
700 1 _aPopescu, Dan.
700 1 _aScheunders, Paul.
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