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245 1 0 _aE-Commerce and Web Technologies
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_bThird International Conference, EC-Web 2002 Aix-en-Provence, France, September 2–6, 2002 Proceedings /
_cedited by Kurt Bauknecht, A Min Tjoa, Gerald Quirchmayr.
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_bSpringer Berlin Heidelberg,
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490 1 _aLecture Notes in Computer Science,
_x0302-9743 ;
505 0 _aInvited Talk -- Enabling Virtual Enterprises: A Case for Multi-disciplinary Research -- Auction and Negotiation Technology -- Increasing Realized Revenue in a Web Based Dutch Auction -- Strategies and Behaviours of Agents in Multi-phased Negotiations -- A New Approach to the Design of Electronic Exchanges -- Winner Determination Algorithms for Electronic Auctions: A Framework Design -- Applications -- A Web-Based E-commerce Facilitator Intermediary for Small and Medium Enterprises: A B2B/B2C Hybrid Proposal -- Extended Decision Making in Tourism Information Systems -- Identifying Arbitrage Opportunities in e-Markets -- Architecture -- An Architecture for Building User-Driven Web Tasks via Web Services -- Efficient XML Data Management: An Analysis -- Commercial Tools for the Development of Personalized Web Applications: A Survey -- Agents -- An Agent-Based Hierarchical Clustering Approach for E-commerce Environments -- A Multi-agent Approach to SACReD Transactions for E-commerce Applications -- A Parallel Dispatch Model with Secure and Robust Routes for Mobile Agents -- An Agent-Based Framework for Monitoring Service Contracts -- Web Query Processing -- Constraint Search for Comparing Multiple-Incentive Merchandises -- XML Query Processing Using Signature and DTD -- Modelling and Predicting Web Page Accesses Using Burrell’s Model -- Invited Talk -- Metamodelling Platforms -- Web Data Integration -- Homogeneous EDI between Heterogeneous Web-Based Tourism Information Systems -- A Model for XML Schema Integration -- Security and Privacy I -- XML-Based Distributed Access Control System -- Transactional Security for a Distributed Reputation Management System -- Practical Mobile Digital Signatures -- Secure Client Agent Environment (SCAE) for World Wide Web -- Recommender Systems -- User Preference Mining through Collaborative Filtering and Content based Filtering in Recommender System -- An Improved Recommendation Algorithm in Collaborative Filtering -- Series of Dynamic Targeted Recommendations -- Emerging Standards -- A Study of Content Conversion between eBook Standards -- Web-Based System Configuration and Performance Evaluation Using a Knowledge-Based Methodology -- Mapping UML Web Navigation Stereotypes to XML Data Skeletons -- KAON — Towards a Large Scale Semantic Web -- Security and Privacy II -- Privacy Protection through Unlinkability of Customer Activities in Business Processes Using Mobile Agents -- Secure Electronic Copyright Distribution with Public Key Based Traitor Tracing -- Watermark Embedding Mechanism Using Modulus-based for Intellectual Property Protection on Image Data -- A Juridical Validation of a Contract Signing Protocol -- Business Models -- Designing Business Processes in E-commerce Applications -- A Generic SLA Semantic Model for the Execution Management of e-Business Outsourcing Contracts -- E-payment -- A Formal and Executable Specification of the Internet Open Trading Protocol -- Using EMV Cards to Protect E-commerce Transactions -- Standardized Payment Procedures as Key Enabling Factor for Mobile Commerce -- Position Paper -- Some Thoughts on Research Perspectives in E-business.
520 _aThe Third International Conference on E-commerce and Web Technology (EC-Web 2002) was held in conjunction with the DEXA 02 in Aix-en-Provence, France. This conference, first held in Greenwich, United Kingdom in 2000, is now in its third year and is very well established. As in the two previous years, it served as a forum bringing together researchers from academia and commercial developers from industry to discuss the current state of the art in E-commerce and web technology. Inspirations and new ideas emerged from intensive discussions during formal sessions and social events. Keynote addresses, research presentations, and discussions during the conference helped to further develop the exchange of ideas among the researchers, developers, and practitioners who attended. The conference attracted more than 100 submissions and each paper was reviewed by at least three program committee members. The program committee selected 40 papers for presentation and publication, a task which was not easy due to the high quality of the submitted papers. We would like to express our thanks to our colleagues who helped to put together the technical program: the program committee members and external reviewers for their timely and rigorous reviews of the papers, and the organizing committee for their help in the administrative work and support. We owe special thanks to Gabriela Wagner and Maria Schweikert for always being available when their helping hand was needed.
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