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Advances in Artificial Intelligence – IBERAMIA 2010 12th Ibero-American Conference on AI, Bahía Blanca, Argentina, November 1-5, 2010. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Angel Kuri-Morales, Guillermo R. Simari. - XX, 604 p. 174 illus. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6433 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6433 .

Artificial Intelligence in Education -- Building and Assessing Intelligent Tutoring Systems with an e-Learning 2.0 Authoring System -- Cognitive Modeling and Human Reasoning -- Robotic Orientation towards Speaker for Human-Robot Interaction -- Dialogue Model Specification and Interpretation for Intelligent Multimodal HCI -- Constraint Satisfaction -- Optimization of Investment Options Using SQL -- A Computational Method for Defeasible Argumentation Based on a Recursive Warrant Semantics -- Evolutionary Computation -- Improving Efficiency of a Genetic Algorithm Applied to Multi-robot Tactic Operation -- VarMOPSO: Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization with Variable Population Size -- A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm with Path Relinking for the p-Median Problem -- Information, Integration and Extraction -- Using Visual Metrics to Selecting ICA Basis for Image Compression: A Comparative Study -- Knowledge Acquisition and Ontologies -- Extending DeLP with Attack and Support for Defeasible Rules -- An Argumentation Machinery to Reason over Inconsistent Ontologies -- Knowledge Representation and Reasoning -- Planning under the Uncertainty of the Technical Analysis of Stock Markets -- From Inconsistency to Consistency: Knowledge Base Revision by Tableaux Opening -- Nondeterministic Planning for Generating Interactive Plots -- Diagnosis of Medical Images Using an Expert System -- Revision of CTL Models -- Applying H m Heuristics in Petri Nets Reachability Problem -- Machine Learning and Data Mining -- Sampling for Information and Structure Preservation When Mining Large Data Bases -- Improved Graph-Based Metrics for Clustering High-Dimensional Datasets -- Empirical Evaluation of Ranking Prediction Methods for Gene Expression Data Classification -- Defining a Problem-State Representation with Data Mining within a Hyper-heuristic Model Which Solves 2D Irregular Bin Packing Problems -- Digital Web Library of a Website with Document Clustering -- Learning to Discover Faulty Spots in cDNA Microarrays -- A First Machine Learning Approach to Pronominal Anaphora Resolution in Basque -- Multiagent Systems -- A Holonic Multi-agent Model for Oil Industry Supply Chain Management -- Moral Minds as Multiple-Layer Organizations -- Making Electronic Contracting Operational and Trustworthy -- Normative Reasoning with an Adaptive Self-interested Agent Model Based on Markov Decision Processes -- Query-Based Argumentation in Agent Programming -- Studying the Emergence of Money by Means of Swarm Multi-agent Simulation -- Natural Language Processing -- Revisiting the Readability Assessment of Texts in Portuguese -- Improved Text Generation Using N-gram Statistics -- Text-to-Text Surface Realisation Using Dependency-Tree Replacement -- A Comparative Analysis of Centering-Based Algorithms for Pronoun Resolution in Portuguese -- Specification and Evaluation of a Spanish Conversational System Using Dialogue Models -- A Half-Way Semantics toward Collaborative Behavior in Interagent Dialogues -- Using Sentence Semantic Similarity Based on WordNet in Recognizing Textual Entailment -- Complementing RRL for Dialogue Summarisation -- A Multi-dimensional Annotation Scheme for Behaviour in Dialogues -- Neural Networks -- Evolving Artificial Neural Networks Using Adaptive Differential Evolution -- A Recurrent Neural Network for Channel Assignment Problems in Mobiles -- SVM Based Feature Selection: Why Are We Using the Dual? -- Pattern Recognition Using Spiking Neurons and Firing Rates -- Planning and Scheduling -- Interaction Graphs for Multivariate Binary Data -- Probabilistic Reasoning -- Detecting Drifts in Multi-Issue Negotiations -- A Logic Based Algorithm for Solving Probabilistic Satisfiability -- On-Line Viscosity Virtual Sensor for Optimizing the Combustion in Power Plants -- Evaluating an Affective Student Model for Intelligent Learning Environments -- Dynamic Reward Shaping: Training a Robot by Voice -- A Visual Grammar for Face Detection -- Recognition of Actions That Imply Movement by Means of a Mobile Device with a Single Built-in Accelerometer -- Development of a Tour–Guide Robot Using Dialogue Models and a Cognitive Architecture -- Detection of Multiple People by a Mobile Robot in Dynamic Indoor Environments -- A Motion Planner for Finding an Object in 3D Environments with a Mobile Manipulator Robot Equipped with a Limited Sensor -- A Driving Assistance System for Navigation in Urban Environments -- An Efficient Strategy for Fast Object Search Considering the Robot’s Perceptual Limitations -- Search -- Building Feature-Based Maps with B-splines for Integrated Exploration -- A Heuristic Approach for Constructing Ternary Covering Arrays Using Trinomial Coefficients -- Controlling Search in Constrained-Object Models -- Semantic Web -- Adaptivity and Interoperability in e-Learning Using Ontologies.


10.1007/978-3-642-16952-6 doi

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Artificial intelligence.
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Computational linguistics.
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