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The Smart Internet Current Research and Future Applications / [electronic resource] : edited by Mark Chignell, James Cordy, Joanna Ng, Yelena Yesha. - XII, 319 p. 86 illus. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6400 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6400 .

Motivation -- Motivation -- Smarter Healthcare: An Emergency Physician View of the Problem -- The Smart Internet as a Catalyst for Health Care Reform -- Overview of the Smart Internet -- Smart Interactions -- Smart Interactions -- Designing Effective Notifications for Collaborative Development Environments -- Smart Group Interactions -- Supporting Smart Interactions with Predictive Analytics -- A Framework for Automatically Supporting End-Users in Service Composition -- A Survey of Mashup Development Environments -- Smart Media: Bridging Interactions and Services for the Smart Internet -- Smart Services -- Smart Services -- Smart Services Across the Real and Virtual Worlds -- Event Exposure for Web Services: A Grey-Box Approach to Compose and Evolve Web Services -- Towards Web Services Tagging by Similarity Detection -- User-Centric Smart Services in the Cloud -- Monitoring and Recovery of Web Service Applications -- Managing Dynamic Context to Optimize Smart Interactions and Services.

I love the idea of a Smart Internet that lets users improve many parts of their lives, pulling together data and services from around the internet. This won’t happen with large unwieldy programming requirements. . . it will happen because we’re moving towards integrated, simple tasks that users can do on an every day basis. With services available on the cloud, with analytics available, with data that has meaning to the user and not just to some protocol parser - with all of these, users at all levels will be able to do a better job. The users may be small and large enterprises, local governments, individuals, etc. All of this means that as the world is becoming more intelligent, instrumented and more interconnected, we’ll be headed towards smarter health care, smarter cities, and smarter lives. ” — Gennaro A. Cuomo, IBM Software Group Vice President and IBM Fellow, WebSphere Chief Technology O?cer Congratulations to the team on the publication of this ?rst volume of the IBM CASResearchbookseries!Thisisasigni?cantmilestoneforIBMCASResearch. This series not only captures the innovations resulting from the collaboration acrossIBM technical leaders,IBM CAS faculty members, as well as our network of distinguished academic partners, it also lays the foundation for ongoing c- mercialization of future research initiatives.


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