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Critical Information Infrastructure Security Third International Workshop, CRITIS 2008, Rome, Italy, October13-15, 2008. Revised Papers / [electronic resource] : edited by Roberto Setola, Stefan Geretshuber. - XIV, 396 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5508 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5508 .

Blackouts in Power Transmission Networks Due to Spatially Localized Load Anomalies -- Stability of a Distributed Generation Network Using the Kuramoto Models -- Enabling System of Systems Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Behaviors -- Information Modelling and Simulation in Large Interdependent Critical Infrastructures in IRRIIS -- Multi-level Dependability Modeling of Interdependencies between the Electricity and Information Infrastructures -- Interdependency Analysis in Electric Power Systems -- Modeling and Simulation of Complex Interdependent Systems: A Federated Agent-Based Approach -- Self-healing and Resilient Critical Infrastructures -- Critical Infrastructures Security Modeling, Enforcement and Runtime Checking -- INcreasing Security and Protection through Infrastructure REsilience: The INSPIRE Project -- Increase of Power System Survivability with the Decision Support Tool CRIPS Based on Network Planning and Simulation Program PSS®SINCAL -- Information Modelling and Simulation in Large Dependent Critical Infrastructures – An Overview on the European Integrated Project IRRIIS -- Assessment of Structural Vulnerability for Power Grids by Network Performance Based on Complex Networks -- Using Centrality Measures to Rank the Importance of the Components of a Complex Network Infrastructure -- RadialNet: An Interactive Network Topology Visualization Tool with Visual Auditing Support -- Quantitative Security Risk Assessment and Management for Railway Transportation Infrastructures -- Assessing and Improving SCADA Security in the Dutch Drinking Water Sector -- Analysis of Malicious Traffic in Modbus/TCP Communications -- Scada Malware, a Proof of Concept -- Testbeds for Assessing Critical Scenarios in Power Control Systems -- A Structured Approach to Incident Response Management in the Oil and Gas Industry -- Security Strategy Analysis for Critical Information Infrastructures -- Emerging Information Infrastructures: Cooperation in Disasters -- Service Modeling Language Applied to Critical Infrastructure -- Graded Security Expert System -- Protection of Mobile Agents Execution Using a Modified Self-Validating Branch-Based Software Watermarking with External Sentinel -- Adaptation of Modelling Paradigms to the CIs Interdependencies Problem -- Empirical Findings on Critical Infrastructure Dependencies in Europe -- Dependent Automata for the Modelling of Dependencies -- Application of IPK (Information, Preferences, Knowledge) Paradigm for the Modelling of Precautionary Principle Based Decision-Making -- Disaster Propagation in Heterogeneous Media via Markovian Agents -- A Study on Multiformalism Modeling of Critical Infrastructures -- Simulation of Critical ICT Infrastructure for Municipal Crisis Management -- An Ontology-Based Approach to Blind Spot Revelation in Critical Infrastructure Protection Planning -- Security of Water Infrastructure Systems -- Critical Infrastructures as Complex Systems: A Multi-level Protection Architecture -- Challenges Concerning the Energy-Dependency of the Telecom Infrastructure -- An Effective Approach for Cascading Effects Prevision in Critical Infrastructures.


10.1007/978-3-642-03552-4 doi

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