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Graphics Recognition. Recent Advances and New Opportunities 7th International Workshop, GREC 2007, Curitiba, Brazil, September 20-21, 2007. Selected Papers / [electronic resource] : edited by Wenyin Liu, Josep Lladós, Jean-Marc Ogier. - IX, 336 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5046 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5046 .

Technical Documents, Maps and Diagrams Understanding -- Automatically Making Origami Diagrams -- An Adaptative Recognition System Using a Table Description Language for Hierarchical Table Structures in Archival Documents -- Converting ECG and Other Paper Legated Biomedical Maps into Digital Signals -- Symbol and Shape Description and Recognition (1) -- Hand Drawn Symbol Recognition by Blurred Shape Model Descriptor and a Multiclass Classifier -- On the Combination of Ridgelets Descriptors for Symbol Recognition -- Symbol and Shape Description and Recognition (2) -- Old Handwritten Musical Symbol Classification by a Dynamic Time Warping Based Method -- On the Joint Use of a Structural Signature and a Galois Lattice Classifier for Symbol Recognition -- A Discriminative Representation for Symbolic Image Similarity Evaluation -- ARG Based on Arcs and Segments to Improve the Symbol Recognition by Genetic Algorithm -- Information Retrieval, Indexing and Spotting -- Spotting Symbols in Line Drawing Images Using Graph Representations -- A Region-Based Hashing Approach for Symbol Spotting in Technical Documents -- A System for Historic Document Image Indexing and Retrieval Based on XML Database Conforming to MPEG7 Standard -- An Ancient Graphic Documents Indexing Method Based on Spatial Similarity -- A Fast CBIR System of Old Ornamental Letter -- Sketching Interfaces and On-Line Processing -- Developing Domain-Specific Gesture Recognizers for Smart Diagram Environments -- Using Error Recovery Techniques to Improve Sketch Recognition Accuracy -- Representing and Parsing Sketched Symbols Using Adjacency Grammars and a Grid-Directed Parser -- Categorization of Digital Ink Elements Using Spectral Features -- Feature and Primitive Analysis and Segmentation -- A Figure Image Processing System -- A Segmentation Scheme Based on a Multi-graph Representation: Application to Colour Cadastral Maps -- Smoothing a Network of Planar Polygonal Lines Obtained with Vectorization -- Verification of the Document Components from Dual Extraction of MRTD Information -- A System to Segment Text and Symbols from Color Maps -- A Non-symmetrical Method of Image Local-Difference Comparison for Ancient Impressions Dating -- Performance Evaluation and Ground Truthing -- Generating Ground Truthed Dataset of Chart Images: Automatic or Semi-automatic? -- Performance Characterization of Shape Descriptors for Symbol Representation -- Building Synthetic Graphical Documents for Performance Evaluation -- A Study on the Effects of Noise Level, Cleaning Method, and Vectorization Software on the Quality of Vector Data -- GREC 2007 Arc Segmentation Contest: Evaluation of Four Participating Algorithms -- Report on the Third Contest on Symbol Recognition -- Panel Discussion -- Is Graphics Recognition an Unidentified Scientific Object?.

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Graphics Recognition, GREC 2007, held in Curitiba, Brazil in September 2007. The 30 revised full papers presented together with a panel discussion report were carefully selected and improved during two rounds of reviewing and revision. The papers are organized in topical sections on technical documents, maps and diagrams understanding; symbol and shape description and recognition; information retrieval, indexing and spotting; sketching interfaces and on-line processing; feature and primitive analysis and segmentation; performance evaluation and ground truthing.


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Computer science.
Data mining.
Artificial intelligence.
Computer graphics.
Image processing.
Pattern recognition.
Computer Science.
Image Processing and Computer Vision.
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.
Computer Graphics.
Pattern Recognition.
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics).
Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics.

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