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High Performance Computing – HiPC 2007 14th International Conference, Goa, India, December 18-21, 2007. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Srinivas Aluru, Manish Parashar, Ramamurthy Badrinath, Viktor K. Prasanna. - XXIV, 663 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4873 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4873 .

Keynote Addresses (Abstracts) -- The Future Is Parallel But It May Not Be Easy -- Petaflop/s, Seriously -- High Performance Data Mining - Application for Discovery of Patterns in the Global Climate System -- The Transformation Hierarchy in the Era of Multi-core -- Web Search: Bridging Information Retrieval and Microeconomic Modeling -- Plenary Session - Best Paper -- Distributed Ranked Search -- Session I - Applications on I/O and FPGAs -- ROW-FS: A User-Level Virtualized Redirect-on-Write Distributed File System for Wide Area Applications -- No More Energy-Performance Trade-Off: A New Data Placement Strategy for RAID-Structured Storage Systems -- Reducing the I/O Volume in an Out-of-Core Sparse Multifrontal Solver -- Experiments with a Parallel External Memory System -- An FPGA-Based Accelerator for Multiple Biological Sequence Alignment with DIALIGN -- A Speed-Area Optimization of Full Search Block Matching Hardware with Applications in High-Definition TVs (HDTV) -- Session II - Microarchitecture and Multiprocessor Architecture -- Evaluating ISA Support and Hardware Support for Recursive Data Layouts -- qTLB: Looking Inside the Look-Aside Buffer -- Analysis of x86 ISA Condition Codes Influence on Superscalar Execution -- Efficient Message Management in Tiled CMP Architectures Using a Heterogeneous Interconnection Network -- Direct Coherence: Bringing Together Performance and Scalability in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors -- Constraint-Aware Large-Scale CMP Cache Design -- Session III - Applications of Novel Architectures -- FFTC: Fastest Fourier Transform for the IBM Cell Broadband Engine -- Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Commodity GPUs with CUDA -- Accelerating Large Graph Algorithms on the GPU Using CUDA -- FT64: Scientific Computing with Streams -- Implementation and Evaluation of Jacobi Iteration on the Imagine Stream Processor -- Session IV - System Software -- Compiler-Directed Dynamic Voltage Scaling Using Program Phases -- Partial Flow Sensitivity -- A Scalable Asynchronous Replication-Based Strategy for Fault Tolerant MPI Applications -- Towards a Transparent Data Access Model for the GridRPC Paradigm -- A Proxy-Based Self-tuned Overload Control for Multi-tiered Server Systems -- Session V - Scheduling -- Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling with Reservations -- Enhanced Real-Time Divisible Load Scheduling with Different Processor Available Times -- A General Distributed Scalable Peer to Peer Scheduler for Mixed Tasks in Grids -- An Energy-Aware Gradient-Based Scheduling Heuristic for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Embedded Systems -- On Temperature-Aware Scheduling for Single-Processor Systems -- Session VI - Energy-Aware Computing -- Reuse Distance Based Cache Leakage Control -- Self-optimization of Performance-per-Watt for Interleaved Memory Systems -- Distributed Algorithms for Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Dependencies Among Cover Sets -- DPS-MAC: An Asynchronous MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Compiler-Assisted Instruction Decoder Energy Optimization for Clustered VLIW Architectures -- Session VII - P2P and Internet Applications -- P2P Document Tree Management in a Real-Time Collaborative Editing System -- Structuring Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks -- Multi-objective Peer-to-Peer Neighbor-Selection Strategy Using Genetic Algorithm -- Effect of Dynamicity on Peer to Peer Networks -- Hierarchical Multicast Routing Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Network -- Session VIII - Communication and Routing -- The Impact of Noise on the Scaling of Collectives: The Nearest Neighbor Model [Extended Abstract] -- Optimization of Collective Communication in Intra-cell MPI -- Routing-Contained Virtualization Based on Up*/Down* Forwarding -- A Routing Methodology for Dynamic Fault Tolerance in Meshes and Tori -- Fault-Tolerant Topology Adaptation by Localized Distributed Protocol Switching -- Session IX - Cluster and Grid Applications -- Accomplishing Approximate FCFS Fairness Without Queues -- A Novel Force Matrix Transformation with Optimal Load-Balance for 3-Body Potential Based Parallel Molecular Dynamics Using Atom-Decomposition in a Heterogeneous Cluster Environment -- Grid’BnB: A Parallel Branch and Bound Framework for Grids -- The CMS Remote Analysis Builder (CRAB) -- Applying Internet Random Early Detection Strategies to Scheduling in Grid Environments -- Session X - Mobile Computing -- A Consistent Checkpointing-Recovery Protocol for Minimal Number of Nodes in Mobile Computing System -- MASD: Mobile Agent Based Service Discovery in Ad Hoc Networks -- Channel Adaptive Real-Time MAC Protocols for a Two-Level Heterogeneous Wireless Network -- Modeling Hierarchical Mobile Agent Security Protocol Using CP Nets -- Single Lock Manager Approach for Achieving Concurrency Control in Mobile Environments.


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