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Distributed Computing and Internet Technology 4th International Conference, ICDCIT 2007, Bangalore, India, December 17-20. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Tomasz Janowski, Hrushikesha Mohanty. - XIII, 346 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4882 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4882 .

Section 1 - Network Protocols -- Time-Efficient Broadcasting in Radio Networks: A Review -- An Efficient and Optimized Bluetooth Scheduling Algorithm for Piconets -- EETO: An Energy-Efficient Target-Oriented Clustering Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks -- On the Design of Mobility-Tolerant TDMA-Based Media Access Control (MAC) Protocol for Mobile Sensor Networks -- Self-stabilizing Routing Algorithms for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks -- A Structured Mesh Overlay Network for P2P Applications on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- A Scalable and Adaptive Clustering Scheme for MANETs -- Section 2 - Security and Privacy -- A Key Establishment Scheme for Large-Scale Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks -- Monitoring Information Leakage During Query Aggregation -- An Efficient Certificate Authority for Ad Hoc Networks -- Design and Analysis of a Game Theoretic Model for P2P Trust Management -- Hasslefree: Simplified Access Control Management for XML Documents -- LISA: LIghtweight Security Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Section 3 - Network Management -- An Optimal Weighted-Average Congestion Based Pricing Scheme for Enhanced QoS -- Distributed Resource Adaptation for Virtual Network Operators -- Maximum Lifetime Tree Construction for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Overlay Network Management for Scheduling Tasks on the Grid -- Section 4 - Network Services -- An End-Systems Supported Highly Distributed Content Delivery Network -- An Analytical Estimation of Durability in DHTs -- A Multiple Tree Approach for Fault Tolerance in MPLS Networks -- Selective Querying and Other Proposals for a Less Congested Gnutella Network -- Section 5 - e-Application Engineering -- Language Support and Compiler Optimizations for STM and Transactional Boosting -- Unifying Denotational Semantics with Operational Semantics for Web Services -- PHAC: An Environment for Distributed Collaborative Applications on P2P Networks -- Webformer: A Rapid Application Development Toolkit for Writing Ajax Web Form Applications -- Section 6 - e-Application Services -- Continuous Adaptive Mining the Thin Skylines over Evolving Data Stream -- Service Recommendation with Adaptive User Interests Modeling -- An Approach to Aggregating Web Services for End-User-Doable Construction of GridDoc Application -- An Adaptive Metadata Model for Domain-Specific Service Registry -- Section 7 - e-Applications -- Globalization from the Information and Communication Perspective -- WAND: A Robust P2P File System Tree Interface -- A Tsunami Warning System Employing Level Controlled Gossiping in Wireless Sensor Networks -- Relation Extraction and Validation Algorithm -- A Fair-Exchange and Customer-Anonymity Electronic Commerce Protocol for Digital Content Transactions -- A Practical Way to Provide Perfect Forward Secrecy for Secure E-Mail Protocols -- Augmentation to GT4 Framework for B2B Collaboration over Grid.


10.1007/978-3-540-77115-9 doi

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