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Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems 11th International Conference, KES 2007, XVII Italian Workshop on Neural Networks, Vietri sul Mare, Italy, September 12-14, 2007. Proceedings, Part I / [electronic resource] : edited by Bruno Apolloni, Robert J. Howlett, Lakhmi Jain. - LV, 882 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4692 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4692 .

General Tracks -- A New Neural Network with Adaptive Activation Function for Classification of ECG Arrhythmias -- A Simple and Effective Neural Model for the Classification of Structured Patterns -- CSFNN Synapse and Neuron Design Using Current Mode Analog Circuitry -- Design of Neural Networks -- Fast Fingerprints Classification Only Using the Directional Image -- Geometric Algebra Rotors for Sub-symbolic Coding of Natural Language Sentences -- Neural Network Models for Abduction Problems Solving -- Online Training of Hierarchical RBF -- Selecting Features by Learning Markov Blankets -- ANFIS Based Emotions Recognision in Speech -- Binary Particle Swarm Optimization for Black-Scholes Option Pricing -- Design of Very High-Speed Integer Fuzzy Controller Without Multiplications by Using VHDL -- Extended Fuzzy C-Means Clustering in GIS Environment for Hot Spot Events -- Fuzzy Fusion in Multimodal Biometric Systems -- Parameter Determination of Induction Machines by Hybrid Genetic Algorithms -- Prediction of E.Coli Promoter Gene Sequences Using a Hybrid Combination Based on Feature Selection, Fuzzy Weighted Pre-processing, and Decision Tree Classifier -- A Hybrid Symbolic-Statistical Approach to Modeling Metabolic Networks -- Boosting Support Vector Machines Using Multiple Dissimilarities -- Inductive Concept Retrieval and Query Answering with Semantic Knowledge Bases Through Kernel Methods -- Sub-symbolic Mapping of Cyc Microtheories in Data-Driven “Conceptual” Spaces -- A Belief-Desire Framework for Goal Revision -- An Investigation of Agent-Based Hybrid Approach to Solve Flowshop and Job-Shop Scheduling Problems -- Calculating Optimal Decision Using Meta-level Agents for Multi-Agents in Networks -- Determining Consensus with Dependencies of Set Attributes Using Symmetric Difference -- Field-Based Coordination of Mobile Intelligent Agents: An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Analysis -- Hybrid Filtering Methods Applied in Web-Based Movie Recommendation System -- Network Simulation in a Fragmented Mobile Agent Network -- RSS-Based Blog Agents for Educational Applications -- Soft Computing Approach to Contextual Determination of Grounding Sets for Simple Modalities -- The Statistical Verification of Rough Classification Algorithms -- Toward a Novel Multi-modal HCI: Fusion Architecture Using Confidence Score and Fuzzy Value -- Using Uncertainties as Basis for Evaluating Plans -- A Knowledge Sorting and Matrix Representation Approach for Developing Knowledge-Based Product Design Systems -- Automated Testing for Knowledge Based Systems -- Building Maintainable Knowledge Bases with Knowledge Objects -- Influenza Forecast: Case-Based Reasoning or Statistics? -- Knowledge Based Industrial Maintenance Using Portable Devices and Augmented Reality -- Modelling a Team of Radiologists for Lung Nodule Detection in CT Scans -- Parallel Computations for Logic-Algebraic Based Expert Systems -- Process Control of an Event Filter Farm for a Particle Physics Experiment Based on Expert System Technology -- The CTCN Temporal Model for Representing Knowledge in the Sleep Apnea Syndrome Diagnostic Task -- Alternative Methods of Wave Motion Modelling -- Conceptual Enrichment of Locations Pointed Out by the User -- Design of Urban Growth Probability Model by Using Spatial Association Rules -- Detecting Individual Activities from Video in a Smart Home -- Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving Sudoku -- Path Prediction of Moving Objects on Road Networks Through Analyzing Past Trajectories -- Performance Analysis of WAP in Bluetooth Ad-Hoc Network System -- Performance Evaluation of Embedded Garbage Collectors in CVM Environment -- Time Discretisation Applied to Anomaly Detection in a Marine Engine -- Using Weak Prior Information on Structures to Learn Bayesian Networks -- 3D ?-Expansion and Graph Cut Algorithms for Automatic Liver Segmentation from CT Images -- A Study on the Gesture Recognition Based on the Particle Filter -- Analysis and Recognition of Touching Cell Images Based on Morphological Structures -- Comparison of Accumulative Computation with Traditional Optical Flow -- Face Recognition Based on 2D and 3D Features -- Generalization of a Recognition Algorithm Based on the Karhunen-Loève Transform -- Intelligent Monitoring System for Driver’s Alertness (A Vision Based Approach) -- JPEG2000 Low Complexity Allocation Method of Quality Layers -- Motion Estimation Algorithm in Video Coding -- Real-Time Vision Based Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction -- Reference Independent Moving Object Detection: An Edge Segment Based Approach -- Search for a Computationally Efficient Image Super-Resolution Algorithm -- Step-by-Step Description of Lateral Interaction in Accumulative Computation -- Suitability of Edge Segment Based Moving Object Detection for Real Time Video Surveillance -- An Ontology for Modelling Human Resources Management Based on Standards -- Corpus Building for Corporate Knowledge Discovery and Management: A Case Study of Manufacturing -- Intelligent Decision Support System for Evaluation of Ship Designers -- Philosophy Ontology for Learning the Contents of Texts -- Recent Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies -- Reinforcement Learning of Competitive Skills with Soccer Agents -- A Bootstrapping Approach for Chinese Main Verb Identification -- A Novel Method of Extracting and Rendering News Web Sites on Mobile Devices -- An Adaptation Framework for QBH-Based Music Retrieval -- An Association Method Using Concept-Base -- Fair News Reader: Recommending News Articles with Different Sentiments Based on User Preference -- Location Name Extraction for User Created Digital Content Services -- Understanding Support Method of Unknown Words Using Robot Type Search Engine -- AI Techniques for Waste Water Treatment Plant Control Case Study: Denitrification in a Pilot-Scale SBR -- An Embedded Real-Time Automatic Lane-Keeping System -- Effects of Kinematics Design on Tracking Performance of Model-Based Adaptive Control -- Fault Detection with Evolution Strategies Based Particle Filter and Backward Sequential Probability Ratio Test -- Infringing Key Authentication of an ID-Based Group Key Exchange Protocol Using Binary Key Trees -- Multiresolution ICA for Artifact Identification from Electroencephalographic Recordings -- Neural Networks for Matching in Computer Vision -- SNNR-Based Improved Multi-modal Fusion and Fission Using Fuzzy Value Based on WPS and Web -- Vision Technologies for Intelligent Vehicles -- A Geographic Event Management, Based on Set Operation Among Geographic Objects -- A Method for Judging Illogical Discourse Based on Concept Association and Common-Sense Judgment -- A Query-Strategy-Focused Taxonomy and a Customizable Benchmarking Framework for Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval Techniques -- An Approach for Four Way Set Associative Multilevel CMOS Cache Memory -- An Intelligent Typhoon Damage Prediction System from Aerial Photographs -- Analysis and Research of Predictive Algorithm in NCS with Time Delay -- Automated Planning and Replanning in an Intelligent Virtual Environments for Training -- Determination of Illuminance Level Using ANN Model -- Efficient Content Distribution Method Based on Location and Similarity in Unstructured P2P System -- GIGISim – The Intelligent Telehealth System: Computer Aided Diabetes Management – A New Review -- Image Mining Using Wavelet Transform -- Implementation of Intelligent Active Fault Tolerant Control System -- Natural Language Understanding for Generating Grasp Actions -- New Machine Scores and Their Combinations for Automatic Mandarin Phonetic Pronunciation Quality Assessment -- Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Vertical Traffic Scheduling in Buildings -- Person Identification Using Lip Motion Sequence -- Proposal of Method to Judge Speaker’s Emotion Based on Association Mechanism -- The Automatic Peer-to-Peer Signature for Source Address Validation -- Traffic Demand Prediction Using ANN Simulator.


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