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Network and Parallel Computing IFIP International Conference, NPC 2007, Dalian, China, September 18-21, 2007. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Keqiu Li, Chris Jesshope, Hai Jin, Jean-Luc Gaudiot. - XVIII, 562 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4672 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4672 .

Network Applications -- On a High-Order Compact Scheme and Its Utilization in Parallel Solution of a Time-Dependent System on a Distributed Memory Processor -- Dynamic Multi-resource Advance Reservation in Grid Environment -- A Novel Adaptive Proxy Certificates Management Scheme in Military Grid Environment -- A Scheduling Model for Maximizing Availability with Makespan Constraint Based on Residual Lifetime in Heterogeneous Clusters -- A VO-Based Two-Stage Replica Replacement Algorithm -- Grid Scheduling Optimization Under Conditions of Uncertainty -- A Dynamic Adjustment Strategy for File Transformation in Data Grids -- Spatial Map Data Share and Parallel Dissemination System Based on Distributed Network Services and Digital Watermark -- Managing Email Overload with an Automatic Nonparametric Clustering Approach -- On the Routing Algorithms for Optical Multi-log2N Networks -- Overall Blocking Behavior Analysis on Banyan-Based Optical Switching Networks Under Crosstalk Constraint -- SW-Uinta: A Small-World P2P Overlay Network -- Unmanned Navigation of the 1/10 Vehicle Using U-SAT -- Energy-Efficient Scheduling Fixed-Priority Tasks with Preemption Thresholds on Variable Voltage Processors -- Estimation of Absolute Positioning of Mobile Robot Using U-SAT -- A Collaborative Service Discovery and Service Sharing Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- Proteus: An Architecture for Adapting Web Page on Small-Screen Devices -- EEGFGR: An Energy-Efficient Greedy-Face Geographic Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks -- An Improved Bandwidth-Use Method on IEEE 802.11e Standard over Wireless LAN -- Maximum Life-Time Localized Broadcast Routing in MANET -- Network Technologies -- Modulation Multiplexing Distributed Space-Time Block Coding for Two-User Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Network -- Modified Widest Disjoint Paths Algorithm for Multipath Routing -- Optimum Broadcasting Algorithms in (n, k)-Star Graphs Using Spanning Trees -- Link Protocol Based on DS-CDMA with MUD for Decentralized All-Connected Wireless Network -- A Small-World Optimization Algorithm Based and ABC Supported QoS Unicast Routing Scheme -- Algorithms for the m-Coverage Problem and k-Connected m-Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks -- A Novel Multiple Access Protocol with QoS Support for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- Dual-Residue Montgomery Multiplication -- Design and Performance Analysis of CZML-IPSec for Satellite IP Networks -- A Novel Group Key Management Based on Jacobian Elliptic Chebyshev Rational Map -- Scheme of Defending Against DDoS Attacks in Large-Scale ISP Networks -- Security Analysis of the Authentication Modules of Chinese WLAN Standard and Its Implementation Plan -- Restoration Design in IP over Reconfigurable All-Optical Networks -- SIPS: A Stateful and Flow-Based Intrusion Prevention System for Email Applications -- Design and Evaluation of Parallel String Matching Algorithms for Network Intrusion Detection Systems -- Object-Based Storage Model for Object-Oriented Database -- HPRD: A High Performance RDF Database -- A Direction to Avoid Re-encryption in Cryptographic File Sharing -- Network and Parallel Architectures -- Exploit Temporal Locality of Shared Data in SRC Enabled CMP -- Architectural Implications of Cache Coherence Protocols with Network Applications on Chip MultiProcessors -- The SKB: A Semi-Completely-Connected Bus for On-Chip Systems -- An Instruction Folding Solution to a Java Processor -- HNDP: A Novel Network Distance Prediction Mechanism -- Analytical Model of IEEE 802.15.4 Non-beacon Mode with Download Traffic by the Piggyback Method -- A Novel Algorithm for Estimating Flow Length Distributions–LSM -- Performance Prediction for Mappings of Distributed Applications on PC Clusters -- Communication–Prediction of Scouting Switching in Adaptively-Routed Torus Networks -- The Implementation and Evaluation of a Low-Power Clock Distribution Network Based on EPIC -- Parallel and Distributed Software -- Service Process Improvement Based on Exceptional Pattern Analysis -- An Improved Fuzzy Support Vector Machine for Credit Rating -- A Cost-Aware Parallel Workload Allocation Approach Based on Machine Learning Techniques -- A Hierarchical Programming Model for Large Parallel Interactive Applications -- Design of a Simulator for Mesh-Based Reconfigurable Architectures -- Keynote Speeches -- Personal Grid -- On Parallel Models of Computation -- Challenges in Dependability of Networked Systems for Information Society -- Reference Architectural Styles for Service-Oriented Computing.

Welcome to the proceedings of the 2007 IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC 2007) held in Dalian, China. NPC has been a premier conference that has brought together researchers and pr- titioners from academia, industry and governments around the world to advance the theories and technologies of network and parallel computing. The goal of NPC is to establish an international forum for researchers and practitioners to present their - cellent ideas and experiences in all system fields of network and parallel computing. The main focus of NPC 2007 was on the most critical areas of network and parallel computing: network applications, network technologies, network and parallel arc- tectures, and parallel and distributed software. In total, the conference received more than 600 papers from researchers and prac- tioners from over 20 countries and areas. Each paper was reviewed by at least three internationally renowned referees and selected based on its originality, significance, correctness, relevance, and clarity of presentation. Among the high-quality subm- sions, only 53 regular papers were accepted by the conference. All of the selected conference papers are included in the conference proceedings. After the conference, some high-quality papers will be recommended to be published in a special issue of several international journals.


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Computer science.
Computer communication systems.
Software engineering.
Operating systems (Computers).
Multimedia information systems.
Computer Science.
Computer Communication Networks.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
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