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Intercultural Collaboration First International Workshop, IWIC 2007 Kyoto, Japan, January 25-26, 2007 Invited and Selected Papers / [electronic resource] : edited by Toru Ishida, Susan R. Fussell, Piek T. J. M. Vossen. - XIII, 398 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4568 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4568 .

Ontology for Language Resources and Services -- Connecting the Universal to the Specific: Towards the Global Grid -- Towards a Conceptual Core for Multicultural Processing: A Multilingual Ontology Based on the Swadesh List -- Conceptual Framework of an Upper Ontology for Describing Linguistic Services -- Formal Ontology of ‘Cultures’ and ‘Ethnic Groups’ Based on Type Theory and Functional Programming -- Capturing a Conceptual Model for Intercultural Collaboration in Copyright Management (A Domain Ontology of International Copyright Laws) -- Developing Language Resources and Services -- The Lextype DB: A Web-Based Framework for Supporting Collaborative Multilingual Grammar and Treebank Development -- Collaborative Platform for Multilingual Resource Development and Intercultural Communication -- Exploiting Aligned Parallel Corpora in Multilingual Studies and Applications -- Connecting Language Resources and Services -- Multilingual Communication Support Using the Language Grid -- Hanzi Grid -- Fostering Intercultural Collaboration: A Web Service Architecture for Cross-Fertilization of Distributed Wordnets -- MCD: A Joint Semantic Project on East Asian Languages -- Tools for Intercultural Collaboration -- Designing an Aural Comprehension Aid for Interlingual Communication -- Parallel-Text Based Support System for Intercultural Communication at Medical Receptions -- Design and Development of a Pictogram Communication System for Children Around the World -- Emotions in Intercultural Collaboration -- Cross-Cultural Study of Avatars’ Facial Expressions and Design Considerations Within Asian Countries -- Culturally-Situated Pictogram Retrieval -- Emotion Eliciting Events in the Workplace: An Intercultural Comparison -- Analysis of Intercultural Collaboration -- Intra- and Inter-cultural Collaboration in Science and Engineering -- Culture and Computers: A Review of the Concept of Culture and Implications for Intercultural Collaborative Online Learning -- Adoption of Translation Support Technologies in a Multilingual Work Environment -- Bayesian Belief Network Approach for Analysis of Intercultural Collaboration in Virtual Communities Using Social Capital Theory -- Social Conventions and Issues of Space for Distributed Collaboration -- Board-Based Collaboration in Cross-Cultural Pairs -- Actual Fields of Intercultural Collaboration -- Atoms of Bonding: Communication Components Bridging Children Worldwide (Invited Talk) -- Teaching HCI: A Challenging Intercultural, Interdisciplinary, Cross-Field Experience -- Inclusive Design Workshop by Regional Cooperation Between an NPO and a University -- How Intercultural Disaster Reduction Education Change Students: A Case Study of an Evening Course Senior High School in Hyogo, Japan -- Intercultural Collaboration: Instrumentality of the GLOBE Study.


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