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Advances in Grid and Pervasive Computing First International Conference, GPC 2006, Taichung, Taiwan, May 3-5, 2006. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Yeh-Ching Chung, José E. Moreira. - XX, 672 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3947 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3947 .

Session 1: Best Paper Awards -- Optimizing Server Placement in Hierarchical Grid Environments -- Using OGRO and CertiVeR to Improve OCSP Validation for Grids -- Efficient Target Detection for RNA Interference -- Smart Instant Messenger in Pervasive Computing Environments -- Session 2: Grid Scheduling -- Negotiation Strategies for Grid Scheduling -- An Enhanced Grid Scheduling with Job Priority and Equitable Interval Job Distribution -- Average Schedule Length and Resource Selection Policies on Computational Grids -- A Performance-Based Approach to Dynamic Workload Distribution for Master-Slave Applications on Grid Environments -- Session 3: Peer-to-Peer Computing -- The Peering Problem in Tree-Based Master/Worker Overlays -- MUREX: A Mutable Replica Control Scheme for Structured Peer-to-Peer Storage Systems -- The Subscription-Cover Based Routing Algorithm in Content-Based Publish/Subscribe -- Alliatrust: A Trustable Reputation Management Scheme for Unstructured P2P Systems -- Session 4: Web/Grid Services -- A Fault-Tolerant Distributed Scheme for Grid Information Services -- A Market-Oriented Model for Grid Service Management -- Pricing Web Services -- A Performance Improvement of Web Service System Based on the Probability Distribution Characteristics -- Session 5: High Performance Computing -- An Optimal Scheduling Algorithm for an Agent-Based Multicast Strategy on Irregular Networks -- Methods for Partitioning Data to Improve Parallel Execution Time for Sorting on Heterogeneous Clusters -- Detecting Unaffected Message Races in Parallel Programs -- A Combined Technique of Non-uniform Loops -- Session 6: Ad Hoc Networks -- Neighbor-Aided Multicast Protocol for Streaming Transmission on MANETs -- An Entropy-Based Stability QoS Multicast Routing Protocol in Ad Hoc Network -- On the Performance of a Hybrid Routing Protocol for Blueweb: A Bluetooth-Based Multihop Ad Hoc Network -- An Adaptive and Scalable Resource Advertisement and Discovery Strategy for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- Session 7: Wireless Sensor Networks -- Binding Multiple Applications on Wireless Sensor Networks -- Model-Aided Metadata Management for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Availability Considerations for Wireless Sensor Grids -- An Energy-Aware Position-Based Routing Strategy -- Session 8: Grid Applications 1 -- of Grid Computing Application Projects at the NASA Earth Science Technology Office -- Modeling Message-Passing Overhead on NCHC Formosa PC Cluster -- Evaluation of the Device Driver Availability in Dawning4000A -- HyMPI – A MPI Implementation for Heterogeneous High Performance Systems -- Session 9: Data Grid -- Performance Improvement by Data Management Layer in a Grid RPC System -- Effective Dynamic Replica Maintenance Algorithm for the Grid Environment -- A Lightweight Cyclic Reference Counting Algorithm -- Distributed Garbage Collection for Mobile Actor Systems: The Pseudo Root Approach -- Session 10: Pervasive Applications 1 -- A Grid-Based Node Split Algorithm for Managing Current Location Data -- Cicada: A Highly-Precise Easy-Embedded and Omni-Directional Indoor Location Sensing System -- Searchable Virtual File System: Toward an Intelligent Ubiquitous Storage -- A Collaborative Privacy-Enhanced Alibi Phone -- Session 11: Semantic Web / Semantic Grid -- The Semantic Grid: Requirements, Infrastructure and Methodology -- MPLS Inter Domain Services Routing Architecture and Model Based on P2P Semantic Grid -- Semantic Metadata Models in References Sharing and Retrieval System SemreX -- Clustering Large Scale of XML Documents -- Session 12: Grid Load Balancing -- QoS-Driven Grid Resource Selection Based on Novel Neural Networks -- Towards Decentralized Load Balancing in a Computational Grid Environment -- A Resource-Autonomy Based Monitoring Architecture for Grids -- Machine Learning-Based Adaptive Load Balancing Framework for Distributed Object Computing -- Session 13: Wireless Ad Hoc/Sensor Networks -- VWMAC: An Efficient MAC Protocol for Resolving Intra-flow Contention in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks -- A Coloring Based Backbone Construction Algorithm in Wireless Ad Hoc Network -- Route Error Reporting Schemes for On-Demand Routing in 6LoWPAN -- Are Low PANs a PAN or an Internet of PANs? -- Session 14: Grid Applications 2 -- Ensuring Secure and Robust Grid Applications – From a Formal Method Point of View -- Supporting the OpenMP Programming Interface on Teamster-G -- Key Techniques of Software Sharing for on Demand Service-Oriented Computing -- Embedding a Middleware for Networked Hardware and Software Objects -- Session 15: Mobile Computing -- Mechanism of Authenticating a MAP in Hierarchical MIPv6 -- Reducing Binding Updates in High Speed Movement Environment Based on HMIPv6 -- A Low-Overhead Non-block Checkpointing Algorithm for Mobile Computing Environment -- Applying Dynamic Handoff to Increase System Performance on Wireless Cellular Networks -- Session 16: Pervasive Applications 2 -- A Paradigm of a Pervasive Multimodal Multimedia Computing System for the Visually-Impaired Users -- Context-Aware Adaptation for Media Delivery in Pervasive Computing Environment -- CAMPS: A Middleware for Providing Context-Aware Services for Smart Space -- A Novel Power Management Scheme for E-Textiles.

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing, GPC 2006, held in Taichung, Taiwan, in May 2006. The 64 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 267 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on grid scheduling, peer-to-peer computing, Web/grid services, high performance computing, ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, grid applications, data grid, pervasive applications, semantic Web, semantic grid, grid load balancing, wireless ad hoc/sensor networks, and mobile computing.


10.1007/11745693 doi

Computer science.
Computer communication systems.
Computer system failures.
Software engineering.
Computer Science.
Theory of Computation.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
Computer Communication Networks.
Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet).
System Performance and Evaluation.
Software Engineering.



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