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Fuzzy Logic and Applications 5th International Workshop, WILF 2003, Naples, Italy, October 9-11, 2003. Revised Selected Papers / [electronic resource] : edited by Vito Di Gesú, Francesco Masulli, Alfredo Petrosino. - X, 342 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2955 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2955 .

Fuzzy Sets and Systems -- Rough-Fuzzy Granular Computing, Case Based Reasoning and Data Mining -- VHDL High Level Modelling and Implementation of Fuzzy Systems -- Some Complexity Results on Fuzzy Description Logics -- An Evolutionary Approach to Ontology-Based User Model Acquisition -- Mathematical Modeling of Passage Dynamic Function -- Bi-monotonic Fuzzy Sets Lead to Optimal Fuzzy Interfaces -- Conversational Agent Model in Intelligent User Interface -- A Fuzzy Frame-Based Knowledge Representation Formalism -- Statistical Analysis of the Different Operator Involved in the Fuzzy Inference Process -- Fuzzy Control -- Concepts and Fuzzy Models for Behavior-Based Robotics -- Mathematical Aspects of Fuzzy Control -- Piecewise Linear Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control -- Application of Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Laser Tracking with Autonomous Robot System -- Neuro-fuzzy Systems -- Fuzzy Relational Neural Network for Data Analysis -- A Neuro-fuzzy System for the Prediction of the Vehicle Traffic Flow -- On the Use of Neuro-fuzzy Techniques for Analyzing Experimental Surface Electromyographic Data -- Linear Regression Model-Guided Clustering for Training RBF Networks for Regression Problems -- Fuzzy Decision Theory and Application -- An Iterative Algorithm for Fuzzy Quadratic Programming Problems -- A General Defuzzification Method for Fuzzy Total Cost in an Inventory Without Backorder Case -- Fuzzy Rough Sets and Multiple-Premise Gradual Decision Rules -- Soft Computing in Image Processing -- Fuzzy Spatial Relationships for Model-Based Pattern Recognition in Images and Spatial Reasoning Under Imprecision -- Classification of Digital Terrain Models Through Fuzzy Clustering: An Application -- Evolutionary Approach to Inverse Planning in Coplanar Radiotherapy -- Soft Pyramid Symmetry Transforms -- Image File Compression Using Approximation and Fuzzy Logic -- Fuzzy Information Fusion Scheme Used to Segment Brain Tumor from MR Images -- Out-of-Core Segmentation by Deformable Models -- Rough Set Approach for Classification of Breast Cancer Mammogram Images -- Genetic Fourier Descriptor for the Detection of Rotational Symmetry -- Fourier Transform Based Column-Block and Row-Block Matching Procedure for Document Image Mosaicing -- Object Recognition by Recursive Learning of Multiscale Trees -- An Integrated Fuzzy Cells-Classifier -- A Neural Network for Classification of Chambers Arrangement in Foraminifera -- Fuzzy Concepts in Vector Quantization Training -- Some Component Analysis Based on Fuzzy Relational Structure -- Fuzzy Technique Based Recognition of Handwritten Characters -- Optical Flow Estimation Using Genetic Algorithms -- Neural Network Ensemble and Support Vector Machine Classifiers: An Application to Remote Sensed Data -- Combining Neighbourhood-Based and Histogram Similarity Measures for the Design of Image Quality Measures -- An Automated Image Thresholding Scheme for Highly Contrast-Degraded Images Based on a-Order Fuzzy Entropy.


10.1007/10983652 doi

Computer science.
Mathematical logic.
Database management.
Information storage and retrieval.
Artificial intelligence.
Image processing.
Computer Science.
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics).
Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages.
Computation by Abstract Devices.
Information Storage and Retrieval.
Database Management.
Image Processing and Computer Vision.

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