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Algorithmic Applications in Management First International Conference, AAIM 2005, Xian, China, June 22-25, 2005. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Nimrod Megiddo, Yinfeng Xu, Binhai Zhu. - XIV, 484 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3521 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3521 .

Invited Lecture -- Robust Airline Fleet Assignment:Imposing Station Purity Using Station Decomposition -- Computing the Arrow-Debreu Competitive Market Equilibrium and Its Extensions -- Contributed Papers -- Complexity of Minimal Tree Routing and Coloring -- Energy Efficient Broadcasting and Multicasting in Static Wireless Ad Hoc Networks -- An Algorithm for Nonconvex Lower Semicontinuous Optimization Problems -- A Risk-Reward Competitive Analysis of the Bahncard Problem -- Competitive Strategies for On-line Production Order Disposal Problem -- Automatic Timetabling Using Artificial Immune System -- Improved Algorithms for Two Single Machine Scheduling Problems -- N-Person Noncooperative Game with Infinite Strategic Space -- On the Online Dial-A-Ride Problem with Time-Windows -- Semidefinite Programming Based Approaches to Home-Away Assignment Problems in Sports Scheduling -- Coopetitive Game, Equilibrium and Their Applications -- An Equilibrium Model in Urban Transit Riding and Fare Polices -- Optimal Timing of Firms’ R&D Investment Under Asymmetric Duopoly: A Real Options and Game-Theoretic Approach -- Improvement of Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Optimization of Fuzzy Traffic Control Algorithm -- Facility Location in a Global View -- Existence and Uniqueness of Strong Solutions for Stochastic Age-Dependent Population -- A PTAS for Scheduling on Agreeable Unrelated Parallel Batch Processing Machines with Dynamic Job Arrivals -- Linear Time Algorithms for Parallel Machine Scheduling -- A New Method for Retrieval Based on Relative Entropy with Smoothing -- Airplane Boarding, Disk Scheduling and Space-Time Geometry -- Portfolio Selection: Possibilistic Mean-Variance Model and Possibilistic Efficient Frontier -- Design DiffServ Multicast with Selfish Agents -- Competitive Analysis of On-line Securities Investment -- Perfectness and Imperfectness of the kth Power of Lattice Graphs -- An Approximation Algorithm for Weak Vertex Cover Problem in Network Management -- Constructing Correlations in Attack Connection Chains Using Active Perturbation -- Sequence Jobs and Assign Due Dates with Uncertain Processing Times and Quadratic Penalty Functions -- Computation of Arbitrage in a Financial Market with Various Types of Frictions -- Solving SAT Problems with TA Algorithms Using Constant and Dynamic Markov Chains Length -- Efficiently Pricing European-Asian Options — Ultimate Implementation and Analysis of the AMO Algorithm -- An Incremental Approach to Link Evaluation in Topic-Driven Web Resource Discovery -- A Continuous Method for Solving Multiuser Detection in CDMA -- Wavelength Assignment for Satisfying Maximal Number of Requests in All-Optical Networks -- An Approximation Algorithm for a Facility Location Problem with Inventories and Stochastic Demands -- Dynamically Updating the Exploiting Parameter in Improving Performance of Ant-Based Algorithms -- Optimal Manpower Planning with Temporal Labor and Contract Period Constraints -- Mechanism Design for Set Cover Games When Elements Are Agents -- Graph Bandwidth of Weighted Caterpillars -- An Algorithm for Portfolio’s Value at Risk Based on Principal Factor Analysis -- An Approximation Algorithm for Embedding a Directed Hypergraph on a Ring -- On Product Covering in Supply Chain Models: Natural Complete Problems for W[3] and W[4] -- Assign Ranges in General Ad-Hoc Networks -- Inverse Problems of Some NP-Complete Problems -- Level of Repair Analysis and Minimum Cost Homomorphisms of Graphs -- A Schedule Algebra Based Approach to Determine the K-Best Solutions of a Knapsack Problem with a Single Constraint -- Point Sets and Frame Algorithms in Management -- Mining a Class of Complex Episodes in Event Sequences -- Locating Performance Monitoring Mobile Agents in Scalable Active Networks.


10.1007/b137095 doi

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Data structures (Computer science).
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Computer Science.
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Business Strategy/Leadership.
Theory of Computation.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
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