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Cryptography and Coding 10th IMA International Conference, Cirencester, UK, December 19-21, 2005. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Nigel P. Smart. - XII, 468 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3796 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3796 .

Invited Papers -- Abstract Models of Computation in Cryptography -- Pairing-Based Cryptography at High Security Levels -- Improved Decoding of Interleaved AG Codes -- Coding Theory -- Performance Improvement of Turbo Code Based on the Extrinsic Information Transition Characteristics -- A Trellis-Based Bound on (2,1)-Separating Codes -- Tessellation Based Multiple Description Coding -- Exploiting Coding Theory for Collision Attacks on SHA-1 -- Signatures and Signcryption -- Hash Based Digital Signature Schemes -- A General Construction for Simultaneous Signing and Encrypting -- Non-interactive Designated Verifier Proofs and Undeniable Signatures -- Symmetric Cryptography -- Partial Key Recovery Attacks on XCBC, TMAC and OMAC -- Domain Expansion of MACs: Alternative Uses of the FIL-MAC -- Normality of Vectorial Functions -- Related-Key Differential Attacks on Cobra-H64 and Cobra-H128 -- Side Channels -- The Physically Observable Security of Signature Schemes -- On the Automatic Construction of Indistinguishable Operations -- Efficient Countermeasures for Thwarting the SCA Attacks on the Frobenius Based Methods -- Algebraic Cryptanalysis -- Complexity Estimates for the F 4 Attack on the Perturbed Matsumoto-Imai Cryptosystem -- An Algebraic Framework for Cipher Embeddings -- Probabilistic Algebraic Attacks -- Information Theoretic Applications -- Unconditionally Secure Information Authentication in Presence of Erasures -- Generalized Strong Extractors and Deterministic Privacy Amplification -- On Threshold Self-healing Key Distribution Schemes -- Number Theoretic Foundations -- Concrete Security of the Blum-Blum-Shub Pseudorandom Generator -- The Equivalence Between the DHP and DLP for Elliptic Curves Used in Practical Applications, Revisited -- Pairings on Elliptic Curves over Finite Commutative Rings -- Public Key and ID-Based Encryption Schemes -- A Key Encapsulation Mechanism for NTRU -- Efficient Identity-Based Key Encapsulation to Multiple Parties -- Security Proof of Sakai-Kasahara’s Identity-Based Encryption Scheme.


10.1007/11586821 doi

Computer science.
Computer communication systems.
Data encryption (Computer science).
Coding theory.
Computer science--Mathematics.
Computer Science.
Data Encryption.
Theory of Computation.
Coding and Information Theory.
Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science.
Computer Communication Networks.



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