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Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks First International Conference, MSN 2005, Wuhan, China, December 13-15, 2005. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Xiaohua Jia, Jie Wu, Yanxiang He. - XX, 1136 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3794 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3794 .

An Overlapping Communication Protocol Using Improved Time-Slot Leasing for Bluetooth WPANs -- Full-Duplex Transmission on the Unidirectional Links of High-Rate Wireless PANs -- Server Supported Routing: A Novel Architecture and Protocol to Support Inter-vehicular Communication -- Energy-Efficient Aggregate Query Evaluation in Sensor Networks -- Data Sampling Control and Compression in Sensor Networks -- Worst and Best Information Exposure Paths in Wireless Sensor Networks -- Cost Management Based Secure Framework in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- Efficient and Secure Password Authentication Schemes for Low-Power Devices -- Improving IP Address Autoconfiguration Security in MANETs Using Trust Modelling -- On-Demand Anycast Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- MLMH: A Novel Energy Efficient Multicast Routing Algorithm for WANETs -- ZBMRP: A Zone Based Multicast Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- A Survey of Intelligent Information Processing in Wireless Sensor Network -- Minimum Data Aggregation Time Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks -- Mobility-Pattern Based Localization Update Algorithms for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks -- Accurate Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks -- A Service Discovery Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Based on Service Provision Groups and Their Dynamic Reconfiguration -- Population Estimation for Resource Inventory Applications over Sensor Networks -- Segmented Broadcasting and Distributed Caching for Mobile Wireless Environments -- Range Adjustment for Broadcast Protocols with a Realistic Radio Transceiver Energy Model in Short-Range Wireless Networks -- Reliable Gossip-Based Broadcast Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- An Energy Consumption Estimation Model for Disseminating Query in Sensor Networks -- EasiSOC: Towards Cheaper and Smaller -- Deployment Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks -- A Geographical Cellular-Like Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks -- EAAR: An Approach to Environment Adaptive Application Reconfiguration in Sensor Network -- A Secure Routing Protocol SDSR for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- Secure Localization and Location Verification in Sensor Networks -- Secure AODV Routing Protocol Using One-Time Signature -- A Security Enhanced AODV Routing Protocol -- A Constant Time Optimal Routing Algorithm for Undirected Double-Loop Networks -- A Directional Antenna Based Path Optimization Scheme for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks -- Optimized Path Registration with Prefix Delegation in Nested Mobile Networks -- BGP-GCR+: An IPv6-Based Routing Architecture for MANETs as Transit Networks of the Internet -- A Local Repair Scheme with Adaptive Promiscuous Mode in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- PSO-Based Energy Efficient Gathering in Sensor Networks -- Efficient Data Gathering Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Delay Efficient Data Gathering in Sensor Networks -- Localized Recursive Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks -- Asynchronous Power-Saving Event-Delivery Protocols in Mobile USN -- Low-Complexity Authentication Scheme Based on Cellular Automata in Wireless Network -- SeGrid: A Secure Grid Infrastructure for Sensor Networks -- Handling Sensed Data in Hostile Environments -- Detecting SYN Flooding Attacks Near Innocent Side -- Network Capacity of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Delay Constraint -- Load-Based Dynamic Backoff Algorithm for QoS Support in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks -- Efficient Multiplexing Protocol for Low Bit Rate Multi-point Video Conferencing -- A New Backoff Algorithm to Improve the Performance of IEEE 802.11 DCF -- Enhanced Power Saving for IEEE 802.11 WLAN with Dynamic Slot Allocation -- DIAR: A Dynamic Interference Aware Routing Protocol for IEEE 802.11-Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- A Low-Complexity Power Allocation Scheme for Distributed Wireless Links in Rayleigh Fading Channels with Capacity Optimization -- On Energy Efficient Wireless Data Access: Caching or Not? -- An Efficient Power Allocation Scheme for Ad Hoc Networks in Shadowing Fading Channels -- A Soft Bandwidth Constrained QoS Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks -- Optimal QoS Mechanism: Integrating Multipath Routing, DiffServ and Distributed Traffic Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- A New Backoff Algorithm to Support Service Differentiation in Ad Hoc Networks -- Power Aware Multi-hop Packet Relay MAC Protocol in UWB Based WPANs -- Traffic-Adaptive Energy Efficient Medium Access Control for Wireless Sensor Networks -- An Energy-Conserving and Collision-Free MAC Protocol Based on TDMA for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Experiments Study on a Dynamic Priority Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks -- A BPP-Based Scheduling Algorithm in Bluetooth Systems -- On the Problem of Channel Assignment for Multi-NIC Multihop Wireless Networks -- Validity of Predicting Connectivity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks -- A Novel Environment-Aware Mobility Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- A Low Overhead Ad Hoc Routing Protocol with Route Recovery -- Recovering Extra Routes with the Path from Loop Recovery Protocol -- Quality of Coverage (QoC) in Integrated Heterogeneous Wireless Systems -- ACOS: A Precise Energy-Aware Coverage Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Coverage Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks -- On Coverage Problems of Directional Sensor Networks -- Using MDS Codes for the Key Establishment of Wireless Sensor Networks -- A Study on Efficient Key Management in Real Time Wireless Sensor Network -- Efficient Group Key Management for Dynamic Peer Networks -- Improvement of the Naive Group Key Distribution Approach for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- RAA: A Ring-Based Address Autoconfiguration Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- Dual Binding Update with Additional Care of Address in Network Mobility -- Optimistic Dynamic Address Allocation for Large Scale MANETs -- Boundary-Based Time Partitioning with Flattened R-Tree for Indexing Ubiquitous Objects -- Authentication in Fast Handover of Mobile IPv6 Applying AAA by Using Hash Value -- The Tentative and Early Binding Update for Mobile IPv6 Fast Handover -- A Simulation Study to Investigate the Impact of Mobility on Stability of IP Multicast Tree -- Fast Handover Method for mSCTP Using FMIPv6 -- An Analytical Comparison of Factors Affecting the Performance of Ad Hoc Network -- Maximum Throughput and Minimum Delay in IEEE 802.15.4 -- On the Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks in Code Division Multiple Access Scheme -- Performance Evaluation of Existing Approaches for Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks Across Mobility Models -- UDC: A Self-adaptive Uneven Clustering Protocol for Dynamic Sensor Networks -- A Backoff-Based Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Energy-Saving Cluster Formation Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks -- RECA: A Ring-Structured Energy-Efficient Cluster Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks -- A Distributed Efficient Clustering Approach for Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks -- A Novel MAC Protocol for Improving Throughput and Fairness in WLANs -- Optimal Control of Packet Service Access State for Cdma2000-1x Systems -- A Cross-Layer Optimization for Ad Hoc Networks -- A Novel Media Access Control Algorithm Within Single Cluster in Hierarchical Ad Hoc Networks -- IEE-MAC: An Improved Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for IEEE 802.11-Based Wireless Ad Hoc Networks -- POST: A Peer-to-Peer Overlay Structure for Service and Application Deployment in MANETs -- An Efficient and Practical Greedy Algorithm for Server-Peer Selection in Wireless Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Networks -- Can P2P Benefit from MANET? Performance Evaluation from Users’ Perspective -- Research on Dynamic Modeling and Grid-Based Virtual Reality -- Design of Wireless Sensors for Automobiles -- Mobile Tracking Using Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision Making -- Pitfall in Using Average Travel Speed in Traffic Signalized Intersection Networks -- Static Registration Grouping Scheme to Reduce HLR Traffic Cost in Mobile Networks -- Towards Security Analysis to Binding Update Protocol in Mobile IPv6 with Formal Method -- Enhancing of the Prefetching Prediction for Context-Aware Mobile Information Services -- A Mobile Multimedia Database System for Infants Education Environment -- Towards a Symbolic Bisimulation for the Spi Calculus -- Mobile Agent-Based Framework for Healthcare Knowledge Management System -- Assurance Method of High Availability in Information Security Infrastructure System -- Fuzzy-Based Prefetching Scheme for Effective Information Support in Mobile Networks -- Duplex Method for Mobile Communication Systems.


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