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Computer Aided Verification 16th International Conference, CAV 2004, Boston, MA, USA, July 13-17, 2004. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Rajeev Alur, Doron A. Peled. - XII, 536 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3114 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3114 .

Rob Tristan Gerth: 1956–2003 -- Static Program Analysis via 3-Valued Logic -- Deductive Verification of Pipelined Machines Using First-Order Quantification -- A Formal Reduction for Lock-Free Parallel Algorithms -- An Efficiently Checkable, Proof-Based Formulation of Vacuity in Model Checking -- Termination of Linear Programs -- Symbolic Model Checking of Non-regular Properties -- Proving More Properties with Bounded Model Checking -- Parallel LTL-X Model Checking of High-Level Petri Nets Based on Unfoldings -- Using Interface Refinement to Integrate Formal Verification into the Design Cycle -- Indexed Predicate Discovery for Unbounded System Verification -- Range Allocation for Separation Logic -- An Experimental Evaluation of Ground Decision Procedures -- DPLL(T): Fast Decision Procedures -- Verifying ?-Regular Properties of Markov Chains -- Statistical Model Checking of Black-Box Probabilistic Systems -- Compositional Specification and Model Checking in GSTE -- GSTE Is Partitioned Model Checking -- Stuck-Free Conformance -- Symbolic Simulation, Model Checking and Abstraction with Partially Ordered Boolean Functional Vectors -- Functional Dependency for Verification Reduction -- Verification via Structure Simulation -- Symbolic Parametric Safety Analysis of Linear Hybrid Systems with BDD-Like Data-Structures -- Abstraction-Based Satisfiability Solving of Presburger Arithmetic -- Widening Arithmetic Automata -- Why Model Checking Can Improve WCET Analysis -- Regular Model Checking for LTL(MSO) -- Image Computation in Infinite State Model Checking -- Abstract Regular Model Checking -- Global Model-Checking of Infinite-State Systems -- QB or Not QB: An Efficient Execution Verification Tool for Memory Orderings -- Verification of an Advanced mips-Type Out-of-Order Execution Algorithm -- Automatic Verification of Sequential Consistency for Unbounded Addresses and Data Values -- Efficient Modeling of Embedded Memories in Bounded Model Checking -- Understanding Counterexamples with explain -- Zapato: Automatic Theorem Proving for Predicate Abstraction Refinement -- JNuke: Efficient Dynamic Analysis for Java -- The HiVy Tool Set -- ObsSlice: A Timed Automata Slicer Based on Observers -- The UCLID Decision Procedure -- MCK: Model Checking the Logic of Knowledge -- Zing: A Model Checker for Concurrent Software -- The Mec 5 Model-Checker -- PlayGame: A Platform for Diagnostic Games -- SAL 2 -- Formal Analysis of Java Programs in JavaFAN -- A Toolset for Modelling and Verification of GALS Systems -- WSAT: A Tool for Formal Analysis of Web Services -- CVC Lite: A New Implementation of the Cooperating Validity Checker -- CirCUs: A Satisfiability Solver Geared towards Bounded Model Checking -- Mechanical Mathematical Methods for Microprocessor Verification.


10.1007/b98490 doi

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