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Advances in Web-Age Information Management 4th International Conference, WAIM 2003, Chengdu, China, August 17-19, 2003. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Guozhu Dong, Changjie Tang, Wei Wang. - XV, 516 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2762 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2762 .

WAIM 2003 -- Recent Advances in Access Control Models -- Managing Trust in Peer-to-Peer Systems Using Reputation-Based Techniques -- Advertising and Matching Agent Services on the World Wide Web -- Efficient Reduction of Web Latency through Predictive Prefetching on a WAN -- Compact Encoding of the Web Graph Exploiting Various Power Laws -- Improving the Web Site’s Effectiveness by Considering Each Page’s Temporal Information -- Redundancy Free Mappings from Relations to XML -- UD(k,l)-Index: An Efficient Approximate Index for XML Data -- Logical Foundation for Updating XML -- XML Database Schema Integration Using XDD -- Xaggregation: Flexible Aggregation of XML Data -- Efficient Evaluation of XML Path Queries with Automata -- Managing XML by the Nested Relational Sequence Database System -- Normalizing XML Element Trees as Well-Designed Document Structures for Data Integration -- Classifying High-Speed Text Streams -- Partition Based Hierarchical Index for Text Retrieval -- A Genetic Semi-supervised Fuzzy Clustering Approach to Text Classification -- Partition for the Rough Set-Based Text Classification -- Efficiently Mining Interesting Emerging Patterns -- DENCLUE-M: Boosting DENCLUE Algorithm by Mean Approximation on Grids -- A New Fast Clustering Algorithm Based on Reference and Density -- Classification Using Constrained Emerging Patterns -- A New Multivariate Decision Tree Construction Algorithm Based on Variable Precision Rough Set -- A New Heuristic Reduct Algorithm Base on Rough Sets Theory -- Using Rules to Analyse Bio-medical Data: A Comparison between C4.5 and PCL -- A Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Framework Based on the Support Vector Machine -- Efficient Semantic Search in Peer-to-Peer Systems -- Enacting Business Processes in a Decentralised Environment with p2p-Based Workflow Support -- Peer-Serv: A Framework of Web Services in Peer-to-Peer Environment -- Dynamic Clustering-Based Query Answering in Peer-to-Peer Systems -- The RBAC Based Privilege Management for Authorization of Wireless Networks -- Data Securing through Rule-Driven Mobile Agents and IPsec -- Site-Role Based GreedyDual-Size Replacement Algorithm -- A Study on the Two Window-Based Marking Algorithm in Differentiated Services Network -- A Mobility-Aware Location Update Protocol to Track Mobile Users in Location-Based Services -- An Optimized Topology Control Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- Efficient Evaluation of Composite Correlations for Streaming Time Series -- An Efficient Computational Method for Measuring Similarity between Two Conceptual Entities -- Ontology-Based Access to Distributed Statistical Databases -- A Filter Index for Complex Queries on Semi-structured Data -- An Improved Framework for Online Adaptive Information Filtering -- An Image Retrieval Method Based on Information Filtering of User Relevance Feedback Records -- A New Similar Trajectory Retrieval Scheme Using k-Warping Distance Algorithm for Moving Objects -- TupleRank and Implicit Relationship Discovery in Relational Databases -- Top-N Query: Query Language, Distance Function, and Processing Strategies -- Scalable Query Reformulation Using Views in the Presence of Functional Dependencies -- Multimedia Tampering Localization Based on the Perturbation in Reverse Processing -- Discovering Image Semantics from Web Pages Using a Text Mining Approach -- Creating Customized Metasearch Engines on Demand Using SE-LEGO -- SQL-Relay: An Event-Driven Rule-Based Database Gateway -- CyberETL: Towards Visual Debugging Transformations in Data Integration.

With advances in the Internet and technologies around the World-Wide Web, research on design, implementation, and management of Internet- and W- based information systems has become increasingly important. As more and more information of diverse type becomes available on the Internet and Web, query and retrieval as well as the management of information over the Internet become more complex and extremely di?cult. Novel approaches to develop and manage Internet and Web information systems are in high demand. Following the successful conferences in 2000, 2001 and 2002, WAIM 2003 continued to provide a forum for researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners from around the world to share their rapidly evolving knowledge and to report on new advances in Web-based information systems. WAIM 2003 received an overwhelming 258 submissions from Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, and Vietnam. Through careful review by the program committee, 30 papers were selected as regular papers, and 16 papers as short papers. As indicated by these numbers, WAIM 2003 is extremely selective: 11 and 17 areas, respectively, including text management, data mining, information ?ltering, moving objects, views, bioinformatics, Web and XML, multimedia, peer-to-peer systems, service networks, time-series streams, and ontologies. Two invited talks by Sushil Ja- dia (George Mason University, USA) and Beng Chin Ooi (National University of Singapore) were on access control models and peer-to-peer systems.


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