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Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition Third International Conference, MLDM 2003 Leipzig, Germany, July 5–7, 2003 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Petra Perner, Azriel Rosenfeld. - XII, 444 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 2734 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 2734 .

Invited Talkes -- Introspective Learning to Build Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) Knowledge Containers -- Graph-Based Tools for Data Mining and Machine Learning -- Decision Trees -- Simplification Methods for Model Trees with Regression and Splitting Nodes -- Learning Multi-label Alternating Decision Trees from Texts and Data -- Khiops: A Discretization Method of Continuous Attributes with Guaranteed Resistance to Noise -- On the Size of a Classification Tree -- Clustering and Its Applications -- A Comparative Analysis of Clustering Algorithms Applied to Load Profiling -- Similarity-Based Clustering of Sequences Using Hidden Markov Models -- Support Vector Machines -- A Fast Parallel Optimization for Training Support Vector Machine -- A ROC-Based Reject Rule for Support Vector Machines -- Case-Based Reasoning -- Remembering Similitude Terms in CBR -- Authoring Cases from Free-Text Maintenance Data -- Classification, Retrieval, and Feature Learning -- Classification Boundary Approximation by Using Combination of Training Steps for Real-Time Image Segmentation -- Simple Mimetic Classifiers -- Novel Mixtures Based on the Dirichlet Distribution: Application to Data and Image Classification -- Estimating a Quality of Decision Function by Empirical Risk -- Efficient Locally Linear Embeddings of Imperfect Manifolds -- Dissimilarity Representation of Images for Relevance Feedback in Content-Based Image Retrieval -- A Rule-Based Scheme for Filtering Examples from Majority Class in an Imbalanced Training Set -- Coevolutionary Feature Learning for Object Recognition -- Discovery of Frequently or Sequential Patterns -- Generalization of Pattern-Growth Methods for Sequential Pattern Mining with Gap Constraints -- Discover Motifs in Multi-dimensional Time-Series Using the Principal Component Analysis and the MDL Principle -- Optimizing Financial Portfolios from the Perspective of Mining Temporal Structures of Stock Returns -- Visualizing Sequences of Texts Using Collocational Networks -- Complexity Analysis of Depth First and FP-Growth Implementations of APRIORI -- Bayesian Models and Methods -- GO-SPADE: Mining Sequential Patterns over Datasets with Consecutive Repetitions -- Using Test Plans for Bayesian Modeling -- Using Bayesian Networks to Analyze Medical Data -- A Belief Networks-Based Generative Model for Structured Documents. An Application to the XML Categorization -- Neural Self-Organization Using Graphs -- Association Rules Mining -- Integrating Fuzziness with OLAP Association Rules Mining -- Discovering Association Patterns Based on Mutual Information -- Applications -- Connectionist Probability Estimators in HMM Arabic Speech Recognition Using Fuzzy Logic -- Shape Recovery from an Unorganized Image Sequence -- A Learning Autonomous Driver System on the Basis of Image Classification and Evolutional Learning -- Detecting the Boundary Curve of Planar Random Point Set -- A Machine Learning Model for Information Retrieval with Structured Documents.

TheInternationalConferenceonMachineLearningandDataMining(MLDM)is the third meeting in a series of biennial events, which started in 1999, organized by the Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences (IBaI) in Leipzig. MLDM began as a workshop and is now a conference, and has brought the topic of machine learning and data mining to the attention of the research community. Seventy-?ve papers were submitted to the conference this year. The program committeeworkedhardtoselectthemostprogressiveresearchinafairandc- petent review process which led to the acceptance of 33 papers for presentation at the conference. The 33 papers in these proceedings cover a wide variety of topics related to machine learning and data mining. The two invited talks deal with learning in case-based reasoning and with mining for structural data. The contributed papers can be grouped into nine areas: support vector machines; pattern dis- very; decision trees; clustering; classi?cation and retrieval; case-based reasoning; Bayesian models and methods; association rules; and applications. We would like to express our appreciation to the reviewers for their precise andhighlyprofessionalwork.WearegratefultotheGermanScienceFoundation for its support of the Eastern European researchers. We appreciate the help and understanding of the editorial sta? at Springer Verlag, and in particular Alfred Hofmann,whosupportedthepublicationoftheseproceedingsintheLNAIseries. Last, but not least, we wish to thank all the speakers and participants who contributed to the success of the conference.


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