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Quality of Service — IWQoS 2003 11th International Workshop Berkeley, CA, USA, June 2–4, 2003 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Kevin Jeffay, Ion Stoica, Klaus Wehrle. - DXXXVI, 524 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2707 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2707 .

Analysis and Modeling -- Network Characteristics: Modelling, Measurements, and Admission Control -- Statistical Characterization for Per-hop QoS -- Performance Analysis of Server Sharing Collectives for Content Distribution -- An Approximation of the End-to-End Delay Distribution -- Resource Allocation and Admission Control -- Price-Based Resource Allocation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks -- On Achieving Fairness in the Joint Allocation of Processing and Bandwidth Resources -- Distributed Admission Control for Heterogeneous Multicast with Bandwidth Guarantees -- Multimedia & Incentives -- Subjective Impression of Variations in Layer Encoded Videos -- A Moving Average Predictor for Playout Delay Control in VoIP -- To Play or to Control: A Game-Based Control-Theoretic Approach to Peer-to-Peer Incentive Engineering -- Dependability and Fault Tolerance -- Improving Dependability of Real-Time Communication with Preplanned Backup Routes and Spare Resource Pool -- Fault Tolerance in Networks with an Advance Reservation Service -- Routing -- Routing and Grooming in Two-Tier Survivable Optical Mesh Networks -- Fast Network Re-optimization Schemes for MPLS and Optical Networks -- HMP: Hotspot Mitigation Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks -- Availability and Dependability -- Failure Insensitive Routing for Ensuring Service Availability -- Network Availability Based Service Differentiation -- Quality of Availability: Replica Placement for Widely Distributed Systems -- Web Services -- Using Latency Quantiles to Engineer QoS Guarantees for Web Services -- DotQoS — A QoS Extension for .NET Remoting -- Dynamic Resource Allocation for Shared Data Centers Using Online Measurements -- Rate-Based QoS -- Providing Deterministic End-to-End Fairness Guarantees in Core-Stateless Networks -- Per-domain Packet Scale Rate Guarantee for Expedited Forwarding -- On Achieving Weighted Service Differentiation: An End-to-End Perspective -- Storage -- Online Response Time Optimization of Apache Web Server -- A Practical Learning-Based Approach for Dynamic Storage Bandwidth Allocation -- CacheCOW: QoS for Storage System Caches.

Quality of Service continues to be an active research eld, especially in the networking community. IWQoS is a successful series of workshops that aims to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of new research and ideas onQoS.Traditionally,IWQoSworkshopsarecross-disciplinaryandwellfocused, with the emphasis on innovation. As a result, a considerable amount of time is devoted to informal discussion. In addition to the traditional QoS topics such as service guarantees and admission control, this year we aimed to expand the scope of the workshop by encouraging submissions o?ering research contributions related to robustness, resilience, security, and predictability in networking and distributed systems. As a result, the program included two sessions on availability, fault tolerance, and dependability. The other sessions covered routing, resource allocation, storage, Web services, incentives, and rate based QoS. A great deal of e?ort as gone into putting together a high-quality program. The quality of submissions was very high, and the program committee had a di?cult task to select 27 papers among many deserving papers. Special thanks to the program committee, and the outside reviewers, for their e?orts and hard work in the reviewing and selection process during such a short time frame. We thank all authors who submitted papers to IWQoS, and who ultimately made this program possible. We express our appreciation for our sponsors, NSF, the IEEE Communi- tions Society, IFIP WG 6.1, and ACM SIGCOMM & SIGMOBILE.


10.1007/3-540-44884-5 doi

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