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Algorithms and Complexity 5th Italian Conference, CIAC 2003, Rome, Italy, May 28–30, 2003. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Rossella Petreschi, Giuseppe Persiano, Riccardo Silvestri. - X, 290 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2653 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2653 .

Tutorials -- Localized Network Representations -- Optimal Binary Search Trees with Costs Depending on the Access Paths -- On the Generation of Extensions of a Partially Ordered Set -- Error-Correcting Codes in Complexity Theory -- Invited Talks -- Cache-Oblivious Algorithms -- Spanning Trees with Low Maximum/Average Stretch -- Hyper Encryption and Everlasting Secrets -- Computing with Electronic Nanotechnologies -- Regular Contribution -- Efficient Update Strategies for Geometric Computing with Uncertainty -- Maximizing the Guarded Boundary of an Art Gallery Is APX-Complete -- An Improved Algorithm for Point Set Pattern Matching under Rigid Motion -- Unlocking the Advantages of Dynamic Service Selection and Pricing -- The Relative Worst Order Ratio for On-Line Algorithms -- On-Line Stream Merging, Max Span, and Min Coverage -- Randomised Algorithms for Finding Small Weakly-Connected Dominating Sets of Regular Graphs -- Additive Spanners for k-Chordal Graphs -- Graph-Modeled Data Clustering: Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for Clique Generation -- Reconciling Gene Trees to a Species Tree -- Generating All Forest Extensions of a Partially Ordered Set -- Indexing Structures for Approximate String Matching -- Approximation Hardness for Small Occurrence Instances of NP-Hard Problems -- Fast Approximation of Minimum Multicast Congestion — Implementation versus Theory -- Approximation of a Retrieval Problem for Parallel Disks -- On k-Edge-Connectivity Problems with Sharpened Triangle Inequality -- The Complexity of Detecting Fixed-Density Clusters -- Nearly Bounded Error Probabilistic Sets -- Some Properties of MODm Circuits Computing Simple Functions -- XOR-Based Schemes for Fast Parallel IP Lookups -- The Impact of Network Structure on the Stability of Greedy Protocols -- Improving Customer Proximity to Railway Stations -- Differential Approximation for Some Routing Problems.


10.1007/3-540-44849-7 doi

Data structures (Computer science).
Computer science--Mathematics.
Computer graphics.
Mathematical logic.
Mathematical Logic and Foundations.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
Data Structures.
Computation by Abstract Devices.
Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science.
Computer Graphics.



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