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Algorithms - ESA 2003 11th Annual European Symposium, Budapest, Hungary, September 16-19, 2003. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Giuseppe Di Battista, Uri Zwick. - XIV, 790 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2832 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2832 .

Invited Lectures -- Sublinear Computing -- Authenticated Data Structures -- Approximation Algorithms and Network Games -- Contributed Papers: Design and Analysis Track -- I/O-Efficient Structures for Orthogonal Range-Max and Stabbing-Max Queries -- Line System Design and a Generalized Coloring Problem -- Lagrangian Relaxation for the k-Median Problem: New Insights and Continuity Properties -- Scheduling for Flow-Time with Admission Control -- On Approximating a Geometric Prize-Collecting Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows -- Semi-clairvoyant Scheduling -- Algorithms for Graph Rigidity and Scene Analysis -- Optimal Dynamic Video-on-Demand Using Adaptive Broadcasting -- Multi-player and Multi-round Auctions with Severely Bounded Communication -- Network Lifetime and Power Assignment in ad hoc Wireless Networks -- Disjoint Unit Spheres admit at Most Two Line Transversals -- An Optimal Algorithm for the Maximum-Density Segment Problem -- Estimating Dominance Norms of Multiple Data Streams -- Smoothed Motion Complexity -- Kinetic Dictionaries: How to Shoot a Moving Target -- Deterministic Rendezvous in Graphs -- Fast Integer Programming in Fixed Dimension -- Correlation Clustering – Minimizing Disagreements on Arbitrary Weighted Graphs -- Dominating Sets and Local Treewidth -- Approximating Energy Efficient Paths in Wireless Multi-hop Networks -- Bandwidth Maximization in Multicasting -- Optimal Distance Labeling for Interval and Circular-Arc Graphs -- Improved Approximation of the Stable Marriage Problem -- Fast Algorithms for Computing the Smallest k-Enclosing Disc -- The Minimum Generalized Vertex Cover Problem -- An Approximation Algorithm for MAX-2-SAT with Cardinality Constraint -- On-Demand Broadcasting Under Deadline -- Improved Bounds for Finger Search on a RAM -- The Voronoi Diagram of Planar Convex Objects -- Buffer Overflows of Merging Streams -- Improved Competitive Guarantees for QoS Buffering -- On Generalized Gossiping and Broadcasting -- Approximating the Achromatic Number Problem on Bipartite Graphs -- Adversary Immune Leader Election in ad hoc Radio Networks -- Universal Facility Location -- A Method for Creating Near-Optimal Instances of a Certified Write-All Algorithm -- I/O-Efficient Undirected Shortest Paths -- On the Complexity of Approximating TSP with Neighborhoods and Related Problems -- A Lower Bound for Cake Cutting -- Ray Shooting and Stone Throwing -- Parameterized Tractability of Edge-Disjoint Paths on Directed Acyclic Graphs -- Binary Space Partition for Orthogonal Fat Rectangles -- Sequencing by Hybridization in Few Rounds -- Efficient Algorithms for the Ring Loading Problem with Demand Splitting -- Seventeen Lines and One-Hundred-and-One Points -- Jacobi Curves: Computing the Exact Topology of Arrangements of Non-singular Algebraic Curves -- Contributed Papers: Engineering and Application Track -- Streaming Geometric Optimization Using Graphics Hardware -- An Efficient Implementation of a Quasi-polynomial Algorithm for Generating Hypergraph Transversals -- Experiments on Graph Clustering Algorithms -- More Reliable Protein NMR Peak Assignment via Improved 2-Interval Scheduling -- The Minimum Shift Design Problem: Theory and Practice -- Loglog Counting of Large Cardinalities -- Packing a Trunk -- Fast Smallest-Enclosing-Ball Computation in High Dimensions -- Automated Generation of Search Tree Algorithms for Graph Modification Problems -- Boolean Operations on 3D Selective Nef Complexes: Data Structure, Algorithms, and Implementation -- Fleet Assignment with Connection Dependent Ground Times -- A Practical Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm Using the Cycle Property -- The Fractional Prize-Collecting Steiner Tree Problem on Trees -- Algorithms and Experiments for the Webgraph -- Finding Short Integral Cycle Bases for Cyclic Timetabling -- Slack Optimization of Timing-Critical Nets -- Multisampling: A New Approach to Uniform Sampling and Approximate Counting -- Multicommodity Flow Approximation Used for Exact Graph Partitioning -- A Linear Time Heuristic for the Branch-Decomposition of Planar Graphs -- Geometric Speed-Up Techniques for Finding Shortest Paths in Large Sparse Graphs.


10.1007/b13632 doi

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