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From QoS Provisioning to QoS Charging Third COST 263 International Workshop on Quality of Future Internet Services, QofIS 2002 and Second International Workshop on Internet Charging and QoS Technologies, ICQT 2002 Zurich, Switzerland, October 16–18, 2002 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Burkhard Stiller, Michael Smirnow, Martin Karsten, Peter Reichl. - XIV, 354 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2511 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2511 .

Quality of future Internet Services (QofIS) -- Implications for QoS Provisioning Based on Traceroute Measurements -- A Receiver-Driven Adaptive Mechanism Based on the Popularity of Scalable Sessions -- Large-Scale Behavior of End-to-End Epidemic Message Loss Recovery -- Evaluation of a Differentiated Services Based Implementation of a Premium and an Olympic Service -- Unfairness of Assured Service and a Rate Adaptive Marking Strategy -- Counters-Based Modified Traffic Conditioner -- High Quality IP Video Streaming with Adaptive Packet Marking -- SBQ: A Simple Scheduler for Fair Bandwidth Sharing Between Unicast and Multicast Flows -- A Control-Theoretical Approach for Fair Share Computation in Core-Stateless Networks -- SOS: Sender Oriented Signaling for a Simplified Guaranteed Service -- The Performance of Measurement-Based Overlay Networks -- Using Redistribution Communities for Interdomain Traffic Engineering -- A Multi-path Routing Algorithm for IP Networks Based on Flow Optimisation -- Proactive Multi-path Routing -- Panel -- Service Differentiation and Guarantees for TCP-based Elastic Traffic -- Service Differentiation in Third Generation Mobile Networks -- Policy-Driven Traffic Engineering for Intra-domain Quality of Service Provisioning -- A Congestion Control Scheme for Continuous Media Streaming Applications -- A New Path Selection Algorithm for MPLS Networks Based on Available Bandwidth Estimation -- Providing QoS in MPLS-ATM Integrated Environment -- Internet Charging and QoS Technology (ICQT) -- Business Modeling Framework for Personalisation in Mobile Business Services -- Charging Control and Transaction Accounting Mechanisms Using IRTL (Information Resource Transaction Layer) Middleware for P2P Services -- Design and Implementation of a Charging and Accounting Architecture for QoS-differentiated VPN Services to Mobile Users -- MIRA: A Distributed and Scalable WAN/LAN Real-Time Measurement Platform -- Traceable Congestion Control -- Applying the Generalized Vickrey Auction to Pricing Reliable Multicasts -- InterQoS — Strategy Enterprise Game for Price and QoS Negotiation on the Internet -- Resource Pricing under a Market-Based Reservation Protocol -- The Economic Impact of Network Pricing Intervals -- Pricing and Resource Provisioning for Delivering E-content On-Demand with Multiple Levels-of-Service -- Providing Authentication & Authorization Mechanisms for Active Service Charging.

This volume of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series contains the set of papers accepted for publication at the colocated QofIS/ICQT 2002 workshops, i.e. the 3rd COST Action 263 International Workshop on Quality of future Internet Services (QofIS) and the 2nd International Workshop on Internet Charging and QoS Technology (ICQT), both of which took place at the ETH Zric h, Switzerland, hosted by the Computer Engineering and Networking Laboratory, TIK. QofIS 2002 was the third in a series of highly successful technical workshops and meetings on Internet services within the framework of the COST Action 263 Q uality of future Internet Services , following previous events in Berlin, Germany in 2000 and in Coimbra, Portugal in 2001. ICQT 2002 was the follow-up to a vivid and extremely well-attended workshop on Internet economics and charging technology that took place within the framework of the Annual Meeting of the German Society for Computer Science (GI) and the Austrian Computer Society in 2001 in Vienna, Austria.


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