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Image and Video Retrieval International Conference, CIVR 2002 London, UK, July 18–19, 2002 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Michael S. Lew, Nicu Sebe, John P. Eakins. - XII, 392 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2383 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2383 .

Evaluation of salient point techniques -- Challenges of Image and Video Retrieval -- Image Retrieval I (Oral) -- Visualization, Estimation and User-Modeling for Interactive Browsing of Image Libraries -- Robust Shape Matching -- Semantics-Based Image Retrieval by Region Saliency -- The Truth about Corel - Evaluation in Image Retrieval -- Non-retrieval: Blocking Pornographic Images -- Modelling I (Poster) -- A Linear Image-Pair Model and the Associated Hypothesis Test for Matching -- On the Coupled Forward and Backward Anisotropic Diffusion Scheme for Color Image Enhancement -- Multiple Regions and Their Spatial Relationship-Based Image Retrieval -- Feature Based Retrieval (Poster) -- Query by Fax for Content-Based Image Retrieval -- Spectrally Layered Color Indexing -- Using an Image Retrieval System for Vision-Based Mobile Robot Localization -- JPEG Image Retrieval Based on Features from DCT Domain -- Image Retrieval Methods for a Database of Funeral Monuments -- Semantics/Learning I (Poster) -- AtomsNet: Multimedia Peer2Peer File Sharing -- Visual Clustering of Trademarks Using the Self-Organizing Map -- FACERET: An Interactive Face Retrieval System Based on Self-Organizing Maps -- Object-Based Image Retrieval Using Hierarchical Shape Descriptor -- Video Retrieval (Oral) -- Multimodal Person Identification in Movies -- Automated Scene Matching in Movies -- Content Based Analysis for Video from Snooker Broadcasts -- Retrieval of Archival Moving Imagery - CBIR Outside the Frame? -- Challenges for Content-Based Navigation of Digital Video in the Físchlár Digital Library -- Image Retrieval II (Oral) -- Spin Images and Neural Networks for Efficient Content-Based Retrieval in 3D Object Databases -- Size Functions for Image Retrieval: A Demonstrator on Randomly Generated Curves -- An Efficient Coding of Three Dimensional Colour Distributions for Image Retrieval -- Content-Based Retrieval of Historical Watermark Images: I-tracings -- Semantics/Learning II (Poster) -- Object Recognition for Video Retrieval -- Semantic Video Retrieval Using Audio Analysis -- Extracting Semantic Information from Basketball Video Based on Audio-Visual Features -- Video Indexing and Retrieval for Archeological Digital Library, CLIOH -- Fast k-NN Image Search with Self-Organizing Maps -- Video Retrieval by Feature Learning in Key Frames -- Modelling II (Poster) -- Local Affine Frames for Image Retrieval -- A Ranking Algorithm Using Dynamic Clustering for Content-Based Image Retrieval -- Online Bayesian Video Summarization and Linking -- Face Detection for Video Summaries -- Evaluation/Benchmarking (Poster) -- A Method for Evaluating the Performance of Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems Based on Subjectively Determined Similarity between Images -- Evaluation of Salient Point Techniques -- Personal Construct Theory as a Research Tool for Analysing User Perceptions of Photographs.


10.1007/3-540-45479-9 doi

Computer science.
Database management.
Information storage and retrieval.
Multimedia information systems.
Image processing.
Plasmons (Physics).
Computer Science.
Information Storage and Retrieval.
Image Processing and Computer Vision.
Optics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Optical Devices.
Database Management.
Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet).
Multimedia Information Systems.



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