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High Performance Computing — HiPC 2002 9th International Conference Bangalore, India, December 18–21, 2002 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Sartaj Sahni, Viktor K. Prasanna, Uday Shukla. - XX, 700 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2552 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2552 .

Keynote Address -- Info-Bio-Nano Interface: High-Performance Computing & Visualization -- Algorithms I -- 2-D Wavelet Transform Enhancement on General- Purpose Microprocessors: Memory Hierarchy and SIMD Parallelism Exploitation -- A General Data Layout for Distributed Consistency in Data Parallel Applications -- A Parallel DFA Minimization Algorithm -- Accelerating the CKY Parsing Using FPGAs -- Duplication-Based Scheduling Algorithm for Interconnection-Constrained Distributed Memory Machines -- Evaluating Arithmetic Expressions Using Tree Contraction: A Fast and Scalable Parallel Implementation for Symmetric Multiprocessors (SMPs) -- Architecture I -- Dead-Block Elimination in Cache: A Mechanism to Reduce I-cache Power Consumption in High Performance Microprocessors -- Exploiting Web Document Structure to Improve Storage Management in Proxy Caches -- High Performance Multiprocessor Architecture Design Methodology for Application-Specific Embedded Systems -- LLM: A Low Latency Messaging Infrastructure for Linux Clusters -- Low-Power High-Performance Adaptive Computing Architectures for Multimedia Processing -- Keynote Address -- Field Programmable Systems -- Systems Software I -- CORBA-as-Needed: A Technique to Construct High Performance CORBA Applications -- Automatic Search for Performance Problems in Parallel and Distributed Programs by Using Multi-experiment Analysis -- An Adaptive Value-Based Scheduler and Its RT-Linux Implementation -- Effective Selection of Partition Sizes for Moldable Scheduling of Parallel Jobs -- Runtime Support for Multigrain and Multiparadigm Parallelism -- A Fully Compliant OpenMP Implementation on Software Distributed Shared Memory -- Networks -- A Fast Connection-Time Redirection Mechanism for Internet Application Scalability -- Algorithms for Switch-Scheduling in the Multimedia Router for LANs -- An Efficient Resource Sharing Scheme for Dependable Real-Time Communication in Multihop Networks -- Improving Web Server Performance by Network Aware Data Bu.ering and Caching -- WRAPS Scheduling and Its Efficient Implementation on Network Processors -- Performance Comparison of Pipelined Hash Joins on Workstation Clusters -- Keynote Address -- Computational Science and Engineering — Past, Present, and Future -- Algorithms II -- Iterative Algorithms on Heterogeneous Network Computing: Parallel Polynomial Root Extracting -- Efficient Tree-Based Multicast in Wormhole-Routed Networks -- Parallel Algorithms for Identification of Basis Polygons in an Image -- Range Image Segmentation on a Cluster -- Detection of Orthogonal Interval Relations -- An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Computing Bicompatible Elimination Ordering (BCO) of Proper Interval Graphs -- Mobile Computing and Databases -- Router Handoff: An Approach for Preemptive Route Repair in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- A 2-D Random Walk Based Mobility Model for Location Tracking -- Data Placement in Intermittently Available Environments -- RT-MuPAC: Multi-power Architecture for Voice Cellular Networks -- Asynchronous Transaction Processing for Updates by Client: With Elimination of Wait-for State -- Active File Systems for Data Mining and Multimedia -- Applications -- Simulating DNA Computing -- Parallel Syntenic Alignments -- XS-systems: eXtended S-Systems and Algebraic Differential Automata for Modeling Cellular Behavior -- A High Performance Scheme for EEG Compression Using a Multichannel Model -- Scalability and Performance of Multi-threaded Algorithms for International Fare Construction on High-Performance Machines -- Systems Software II -- A Resource Brokering Infrastructure for Computational Grids -- On Improving Thread Migration: Safety and Performance -- Improved Preprocessing Methods for Modulo Scheduling Algorithms -- Dynamic Path Profile Aided Recompilation in a JAVA Just-In-Time Compiler -- Exploiting Data Value Prediction in Compiler Based Thread Formation -- Scientific Computation -- High Performance Computing of Fluid-Structure Interactions in Hydrodynamics Applications Using Unstructured Meshes with More than One Billion Elements -- An Efficient and Exponentially Accurate Parallel h-p Spectral Element Method for Elliptic Problems on Polygonal Domains - The Dirichlet Case -- Fast Stable Solver for Sequentially Semi-separable Linear Systems of Equations -- Dynamic Network Information Collection for Distributed Scientific Application Adaptation -- Adaptive Runtime Management of SAMR Applications -- Mobile Agents — The Right Vehicle for Distributed Sequential Computing -- Architecture II -- Using Dataflow Based Context for Accurate Branch Prediction -- Rehashable BTB: An Adaptive Branch Target Buffer to Improve the Target Predictability of Java Code -- Return-Address Prediction in Speculative Multithreaded Environments -- HLSpower: Hybrid Statistical Modeling of the Superscalar Power-Performance Design Space -- Efficient Decomposition Techniques for FPGAs -- Keynote Address -- Protocols for Bandwidth Management in Third Generation Optical Networks -- Embedded Systems -- Memory Architectures for Embedded Systems-On-Chip -- Structured Component Composition Frameworks for Embedded System Design -- Low Power Distributed Embedded Systems: Dynamic Voltage Scaling and Synthesis -- The Customization Landscape for Embedded Systems -- Keynote Address -- Parallel Computations of Electron-Molecule Collisions in Processing Plasmas -- Biocomputation -- Computing Challenges and Systems Biology -- Visual Programming for Modeling and Simulation of Biomolecular Regulatory Networks -- Framework for Open Source Software Development for Organ Simulation in the Digital Human -- Reachability Analysis of Delta-Notch Lateral Inhibition Using Predicate Abstraction -- A Symbolic Approach to Modeling Cellular Behavior.


10.1007/3-540-36265-7 doi

Computer science.
Computer organization.
Software engineering.
Numerical analysis.
Computer Science.
Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems.
Processor Architectures.
Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks.
Computation by Abstract Devices.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
Numeric Computing.



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