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XML-Based Data Management and Multimedia Engineering — EDBT 2002 Workshops EDBT 2002 Workshops XMLDM, MDDE, and YRWS Prague, Czech Republic, March 24–28, 2002 Revised Papers / [electronic resource] : edited by Akmal B. Chaudhri, Rainer Unland, Chabane Djeraba, Wolfgang Lindner. - XII, 656 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2490 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2490 .

XML-Based Data Management (XMLDM) -- A Software Architecture for XML-Based Metadata Interchange in Data Warehouse Systems -- Metrics for XML Document Collections -- A Web-Oriented Approach to Manage Multidimensional Models through XML Schemas and XSLT -- XML-Based Data Management (XMLDM) -- Evolving a Set of DTDs According to a Dynamic Set of XML Documents -- XML-Based Applications Using XML Schema -- A Structural Numbering Scheme for XML Data -- XPath: Looking Forward -- XML-Based Data Management (XMLDM) -- Grouping in XML -- Time to Leave the Trees: From Syntactic to Conceptual Querying of XML -- Algorithms for Temporal Query Operators in XML Databases -- XML-SQL: An XML Query Language Based on SQL and Path Tables -- XML-Based Data Management (XMLDM) -- Management of XML Documents in Object-Relational Databases -- Extraction of XML from Relational Databases -- ERX: An Experience in Integrating Entity-Relationship Models, Relational Databases, and XML Technologies -- Storing and Querying XML Data in Object-Relational DBMSs -- Multimedia Data Document Engineering (MDDE’02) -- Population and Query Interface for a Content-Based Video Database -- Shot Weave: A Shot Clustering Technique for Story Browsing for Large Video Databases -- Extending a DBMS to Support Content-Based Video Retrieval: A Formula 1 Case Study -- A Pre-viewing Step in Video Retrieval -- Multimedia Data Document Engineering (MDDE’02) -- Multi-level Weighting in Multimedia Retrieval Systems -- Towards Enhanced Compression Techniques for Efficient High-Dimensional Similarity Search in Multimedia Databases -- A Relaxed Algorithm for Similarity Queries Performed with High-Dimensional Access Structures -- Adaptive Cycle Extension in Multimedia Document Retrieval -- Multimedia Data Document Engineering (MDDE’02) -- Intelligent Image Clustering -- Mining HTML Pages to Support Document Sharing in a Cooperative System -- Modeling a Corporate Information System to Improve Knowledge Management -- Multimedia Data Document Engineering (MDDE’02) -- A Document as a Web Service: Two Complementary Frameworks -- Mobile Access to Distributed Data Sources -- Cooperative Navigation in Multimedia Systems -- ABM: Looping Reference-Aware Cache Management Scheme for Media-on-Demand Server -- Multimedia Data Document Engineering (MDDE’02) -- An Architecture for Retrieval of RDF-Described Scientific Data Semantics -- Living Documents - Micro Servers for Documents -- Remote Conferencing with Multimedia Objects -- Young Researchers Workshop (YRWS) -- Multi Query Optimization Using Query Pack Trees -- Impact and Potential of User Profiles Used for Distributed Query Processing Based on Literature Services -- QoS-Driven Load Shedding on Data Streams -- Young Researchers Workshop (YRWS) -- Profile-Based Data Delivery for Web Applications -- Secure Publishing of XML Documents -- Supporting Evolving Ontologies on the Internet -- Young Researchers Workshop (YRWS) -- An Adaptable Infrastructure for Customized Persistent Object Management -- Defining an Adaptable Mobile Transaction Service -- Query Processing in Self-Profiling Composable Peer-to-Peer Mediator Databases -- Young Researchers Workshop (YRWS) -- Compression Techniques Based on Concave Cluster Geometries for Efficient High-Dimensional Nearest Neighbor Retrieval.

This volume comprises papers from the following three workshops that were part of the complete program for the International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT) held in Prague, Czech Republic, in March 2002: XML-Based Data Management (XMLDM) Second International Workshop on Multimedia Data and Document Engineering (MDDE) Young Researchers Workshop (YRWS) Together, the three workshops featured 48 high-quality papers selected from approximately 130 submissions. It was, therefore, difficult to decide on the papers that were to be accepted for presentation. We believe that the accepted papers substantially contribute to their particular fields of research. The workshops were an excellent basis for intense and highly fruitful discussions. The quality and quantity of papers show that the areas of interest for the workshops are highly active. A large number of excellent researchers are working in relevant fields producing research output that is not only of interest to other researchers but also for industry. The organizers and participants of the workshops were highly satisfied with the output. The high quality of the presenters and workshop participants contributed to the success of each workshop. The amazing environment of Prague and the location of the EDBT conference also contributed to the overall success. Last, but not least, our sincere thanks to the conference organizers – the organizing team was always willing to help and if there were things that did not work, assistance was quickly available.


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