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Applied Parallel Computing. New Paradigms for HPC in Industry and Academia 5th International Workshop, PARA 2000 Bergen, Norway, June 18–20, 2000 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Tor Sørevik, Fredrik Manne, Assefaw Hadish Gebremedhin, Randi Moe. - XII, 408 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1947 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1947 .

Speaker Information -- Industrial Applications: Challenges in Modeling and Computing -- Data Grids for Next Generation Problems in Science and Engineering -- High-Performance Computers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow -- The Evolution of OpenMP -- JavaGrande— High Performance Computing with Java -- Ocean and Climate Prediction on Parallel Super Computers -- LAWRA Linear Algebra with Recursive Algorithms -- Solving CFD Problems with Open Source Parallel Libraries -- High-Performance Library Software for QR Factorization -- Parallel Triangular Sylvester-Type Matrix Equation Solvers for SMP Systems Using Recursive Blocking -- On the Efficiency of Scheduling Algorithms for Parallel Gaussian Elimination with Communication Delays -- High Performance Cholesky Factorization via Blocking and Recursion That Uses Minimal Storage -- Parallel Two-Stage Reduction of a Regular Matrix Pair to Hessenberg-Triangular Form -- A Fast Minimal Storage Symmetric Indefinite Solver -- A Scalable Parallel Assembly for Irregular Meshes Based on a Block Distribution for a Parallel Block Direct Solver -- MUMPS: A General Purpose Distributed Memory Sparse Solver -- Runtime Adaptation of an Iterative Linear System Solution to Distributed Environments -- A Local Refinement Algorithm for Data Partitioning -- Feedback Guided Scheduling of Nested Loops -- A Comparison of Partitioning Schemes for Blockwise Parallel SAMR Algorithms -- Parallelizing an Adaptive Dynamical Grid Generator in a Climatological Trace Gas Transport Application -- Optimal Parameter Values for a Parallel Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Algorithm -- Partition of Unstructured Finite Element Meshes by a Multilevel Approach -- GRISK: An Internet Based Search for K-Optimal Lattice Rules -- Parallel and Distributed Document Overlap Detection on the Web -- A Parallel Implementation of a Job Shop Scheduling Heuristic -- Restructuring Irregular Computations for Distributed Systems Using Mobile Agents -- An Information System for Long-Distance Cooperation in Medicine -- Hydra - Decentralized and Adaptative Approach to Distributed Computing -- Object-Oriented Approach to Finite Element Modeling on Clusters -- An Object Oriented Framework for Parallel Multiple Optimizations -- Experiments in Separating Computational Algorithm from Program Distribution and Communication -- Performance Tuning on Parallel Systems: All Problems Solved? -- Performance Measurement Support for MPI Applications with PATOP -- A Parallel Volume Visualization Using Extended Space Leaping Method -- Hands-On Training for Undergraduates in High-Performance Computing Using Java -- A Parallel 3-D FFT Algorithm on Clusters of Vector SMPs -- High-End Computing on SHV Workstations Connected with High Performance Network -- From the Big Bang to Massive Data Flow: Parallel Computing in High Energy Physics Experiments -- A Data Parallel Formulation of the Barnes-Hut Method for N-Body Simulations -- Par-T: A Parallel Relativistic Fully 3D Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Code -- Evaluation of MPI’s One-Sided Communication Mechanism for Short-Range Molecular Dynamics on the Origin2000 -- Ship Hull Hydrodynamic Analysis Using Distributed Shared Memory -- Domain Decomposition Solvers for Large Scale Industrial Finite Element Problems -- A High Parallel Procedure to Initialize the Output Weights of a Radial Basis Function or BP Neural Network -- High-Performance Computing in Geomechanics by a Parallel Finite Element Approach.

The papers in this volume were presented at PARA 2000, the Fifth International Workshop on Applied Parallel Computing. PARA 2000 was held in Bergen, Norway, June 18-21, 2000. The workshop was organized by Parallab and the Department of Informatics at the University of Bergen. The general theme for PARA 2000 was New paradigms for HPC in industry and academia focusing on:


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Computer science.
Computer communication systems.
Architecture, Computer.
Software engineering.
Computer science--Mathematics.
Complexity, Computational.
Computer Science.
Computer System Implementation.
Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems.
Mathematics of Computing.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
Computer Communication Networks.

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