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Computers and Games Second International Conference, CG 2000 Hamamatsu, Japan, October 26–28, 2000 Revised Papers / [electronic resource] : edited by Tony Marsland, Ian Frank. - XIV, 450 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2063 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2063 .

Search and Strategies -- A Least-Certainty Heuristic for Selective Search -- Lambda-Search in Game Trees — with Application to Go -- Abstract Proof Search -- Solving Kriegspiel-Like Problems: Examining Efficient Search Methods -- Strategies for the Automatic Construction of Opening Books -- Awari Retrograde Analysis -- Construction of Chinese Chess Endgame Databases by Retrograde Analysis -- Learning and Pattern Acquisition -- Learning from Perfection -- Chess Neighborhoods, Function Combination, and Reinforcement Learning -- Learning a Go Heuristic with Tilde -- Learning Time Allocation Using Neural Networks -- Theory and Complexity Issues -- The Complexity of Graph Ramsey Games -- Virus Versus Mankind -- Creating Difficult Instances of the Post Correspondence Problem -- Integer Programming Based Algorithms for Peg Solitaire Problems -- Ladders Are PSPACE-Complete -- Simple Amazons Endgames and Their Connection to Hamilton Circuits in Cubic Subgrid Graphs -- Further Experiments with Games -- New Self-Play Results in Computer Chess -- SUPER-SOMA — Solving Tactical Exchanges in Shogi without Tree Searching -- A Shogi Processor with a Field Programmable Gate Array -- Plausible Move Generation Using Move Merit Analysis with Cut-Off Thresholds in Shogi -- Abstraction Methods for Game Theoretic Poker -- Reasoning by Agents in Computer Bridge Bidding -- Invited Talks and Reviews -- Linguistic Geometry for Solving War Games -- Physics and Ecology of Rock-Paper-Scissors Game -- Review: Computer Language Games -- Review: Computer Go 1984–2000 -- Review: Intelligent Agents for Computer Games -- Review: RoboCup through 2000 -- Review: Computer Shogi through 2000.


10.1007/3-540-45579-5 doi

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