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Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2001 26th International Symposium, MFCS 2001 Mariánské Lázne, Czech Republic, August 27–31, 2001 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Jiří Sgall, Aleš Pultr, Petr Kolman. - XII, 718 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2136 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2136 .

Invited Talks -- A New Category for Semantics -- On Implications between P-NP-Hypotheses: Decision versus Computation in Algebraic Complexity -- Playing Games with Algorithms: Algorithmic Combinatorial Game Theory -- Some Recent Results on Data Mining and Search -- Hypertree Decompositions: A Survey -- The Strength of Non-size-increasing Computation (Introduction and Summary) -- to Recent Quantum Algorithms -- Decomposition Methods and Sampling Circuits in the Cartesian Lattice -- New Algorithms for k-SAT Based on the Local Search Principle -- Linear Temporal Logic and Finite Semigroups -- Contributed Talks -- Refined Search Tree Technique for Dominating Set on Planar Graphs -- The Computational Power of a Family of Decision Forests -- Exact Results for Accepting Probabilities of Quantum Automata -- Improved Bounds on the Weak Pigeonhole Principle and Infinitely Many Primes from Weaker Axioms -- Analysis Problems for Sequential Dynamical Systems and Communicating State Machines -- The Complexity of Tensor Circuit Evaluation -- Computing Reciprocals of Bivariate Power Series -- Automatic Verification of Recursive Procedures with One Integer Parameter -- Graph-Driven Free Parity BDDs: Algorithms and Lower Bounds -- Computable Versions of Baire’s Category Theorem -- Automata on Linear Orderings -- Algorithmic Information Theory and Cellular Automata Dynamics -- The k-Median Problem for Directed Trees -- On Pseudorandom Generators in NC0 -- There Are No Sparse NPw-Hard Sets -- Sharing One Secret vs. Sharing Many Secrets: Tight Bounds for the Max Improvement Ratio -- (H,C,K) -Coloring: Fast, Easy, and Hard Cases -- Randomness and Reductibility -- On the Computational Complexity of Infinite Words -- Lower Bounds for On-Line Single-Machine Scheduling -- Approximation Algorithms and Complexity Results for Path Problems in Trees of Rings -- A 3-Approximation Algorithm for Movement Minimization in Conveyor Flow Shop Processing -- Quantifier Rank for Parity of Embedded Finite Models -- Space Hierarchy Theorem Revised -- Converting Two—Way Nondeterministic Unary Automata into Simpler Automata -- The Complexity of the Minimal Polynomial -- Note on Minimal Finite Automata -- Synchronizing Finite Automata on Eulerian Digraphs -- A Time Hierarchy for Bounded One-Way Cellular Automata -- Checking Amalgamability Conditions forCasl Architectural Specifications -- On-Line Scheduling with Tight Deadlines -- Complexity Note on Mixed Hypergraphs -- News from the Online Traveling Repairman -- Word Problems for 2-Homogeneous Monoids and Symmetric Logspace -- Variations on a Theorem of Fine & Wilf -- Upper Bounds on the Bisection Width of 3- and 4-Regular Graphs -- Satisfiability of Systems of Equations over Finite Monoids -- Rational Graphs Trace Context-Sensitive Languages -- Towards Regular Languages over Infinite Alphabets -- Partial Information and Special Case Algorithms -- The Complexity of Computing the Number of Self-Avoiding Walks in Two-Dimensional Grid Graphs and in Hypercube Graphs -- From Bidirectionality to Alternation -- Syntactic Semiring of a Language -- On Reducibility and Symmetry of Disjoint NP-Pairs -- Hierarchy of Monotonically Computable Real Numbers -- On the Equational Definition of the Least Prefixed Point -- On the Periods of Partial Words -- The Size of Power Automata -- On the Approximability of the Steiner Tree Problem -- Alignment between Two RNA Structures -- Characterization of Context-Free Languages with Polynomially Bounded Ambiguity.


10.1007/3-540-44683-4 doi

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