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Computing and Combinatorics 7th Annual International Conference, COCOON 2001 Guilin, China, August 20–23, 2001 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Jie Wang. - XIV, 606 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2108 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2108 .

Complexity Theory -- Complete Problems for Valiant’s Class of qp-Computable Families of Polynomials -- Log-Space Constructible Universal Traversal Sequences for Cycles of Length O(n 4.03) -- On Universally Polynomial Context-Free Languages -- Separating Oblivious and Non-oblivious BPs -- Program Schemes, Queues, the Recursive Spectrum and Zero-One Laws -- Algebraic Properties for P-Selectivity -- Parallelizability of Some P-Complete Geometric Problems in the EREW-PRAM -- Computational Biology -- Enhanced Sequence Reconstruction with DNA Microarray Application -- Non-approximability of Weighted Multiple Sequence Alignment -- A Greedy Algorithm for Optimal Recombination -- Computational Geometry -- Generating Well-Shaped d-dimensional Delaunay Meshes -- Towards Compatible Triangulations -- An Improved Upper Bound on the Size of Planar Convex-Hulls -- On the Planar Two-Watchtower Problem -- Efficient Generation of Triconnected Plane Triangulations -- Packing Two Disks into a Polygonal Environment -- Maximum Red/Blue Interval Matching with Application -- Computing Farthest Neighbors on a Convex Polytope -- Finding an Optimal Bridge between Two Polygons -- How Good Is Sink Insertion? -- Polynomial Time Algorithms for Three-Label Point Labeling -- Approximation Algorithms for the Watchman Route and Zookeeper’s Problems -- Data Structures and Algorithms -- PC-Trees vs. PQ-Trees -- Stacks versus Deques -- Optimizing a Computational Method for Length Lower Bounds for Reflecting Sequences -- Games and Combinatorics -- Competitive Facility Location along a Highway -- Membership for Core of LP Games and Other Games -- Strong Solutions to the Identification Problem -- Area Efficient Exponentiation Using Modular Multiplier/Squarer in GF(2m)1 -- Graph Algorithms and Complexity -- A Space Saving Trick for Directed Dynamic Transitive Closure and Shortest Path Algorithms -- Finding the Most Vital Node of a Shortest Path -- Algorithm for the Cost Edge-Coloring of Trees -- Counting H-Colorings of Partial k-Trees -- A Linear Time Algorithm for Enumerating All the Minimum and Minimal Separators of a Chordal Graph -- Graph Separators: A Parameterized View -- On Assigning Prefix Free Codes to the Vertices of a Graph -- A New Measure of Edit Distance between Labeled Trees -- A Highly Efficient Algorithm to Determine Bicritical Graphs -- Graph Drawing -- Layered Drawings of Graphs with Crossing Constraints -- On the Validity of Hierarchical Decompositions -- Graph Theory -- Lower Bounds on the Minus Domination and k-Subdomination Numbers -- Edge Connectivity vs Vertex Connectivity in Chordal Graphs -- Changing the Diameter of Graph Products -- Plane Graphs with Acyclic Complex -- On the Domination Numbers of Generalized de Bruijn Digraphs and Generalized Kautz Digraphs -- A Notion of Cross-Perfect Bipartite Graphs -- Some Results on Orthogonal Factorizations -- Cluttered Orderings for the Complete Graph -- Online Algorithms -- Improved On-Line Stream Merging: From a Restricted to a General Setting -- On-Line Deadline Scheduling on Multiple Resources -- Competitive Online Scheduling with Level of Service -- On-Line Variable Sized Covering -- Randomized and Average-Case Algorithms -- On Testing for Zero Polynomials by a Set of Points with Bounded Precision -- A Randomized Algorithm for Gossiping in Radio Networks -- Deterministic Application of Grover’s Quantum Search Algorithm -- Random Instance Generation for MAX 3SAT -- Steiner Trees -- The Euclidean Bottleneck Steiner Tree and Steiner Tree with Minimum Number of Steiner Points -- AnFPTAS forWeight-Constrained SteinerTrees in Series-Parallel Graphs -- Systems Algorithms and Modeling -- Decidable Approximations on Generalized and Parameterized Discrete Timed Automata -- Multiplicative Adaptive Algorithms for User Preference Retrieval -- Parametric Scheduling for Network Constraints -- A Logical Framework for Knowledge Sharing in Multi-agent Systems -- A Lockout Avoidance Algorithm without Using Time-Stamps for the k-Exclusion Problem -- Computability -- Prefix-Free Languages and Initial Segments of Computably Enumerable Degrees -- Weakly Computable Real Numbers and Total Computable Real Functions -- Turing Computability of a Nonlinear Schrödinger Propagator.


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Computer communication systems.
Computer science--Mathematics.
Computer graphics.
Discrete mathematics.
Discrete Mathematics.
Theory of Computation.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science.
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