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Product Focused Software Process Improvement Second International Conference, PROFES 2000, Oulu, Finland, June 20-22, 2000. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Frank Bomarius, Markku Oivo. - XI, 426 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1840 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1840 .

Keynote Address: The Cascading Benefits of Software Process Improvement -- Keynote Address: The Cascading Benefits of Software Process Improvement -- Keynote Address: Capitalizing on Experience -- Keynote Address: Software Development Challenges for the 2000’s -- Panel Session: Corporate Software Engineering Knowledge Networks: How Can They Improve Training of the Workforce in Software Organisations? -- Process Improvement -- Active Probes Synergy in Experience-Based Process Improvement -- A Framework for the Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation of Improvement Programmes -- No Improvement without Learning: Prerequisites for Learning the Relations between Process and Product Quality in Practice -- Introducing the Data Role in Models for Database Assessment -- Applying Benchmarking to Learn from Best Practices -- Modelling Usability Capability – Introducing the Dimensions -- Using Simulation to Visualise and Analyse Product-Process Dependencies in Software Development Projects -- Transforming Software Organizations with the Capability Maturity Model -- Empirical Software Engineering -- The Effect of Constraint Notification within a Case Tool Environment on Design Productivity and Quality -- Is a Design Rationale Vital when Predicting Change Impact? – A Controlled Experiment on Software Architecture Evolution -- Modeling and Analysis of Software Aging Process -- Industrial Experiences -- Usability Engineering in Concurrent Product Development -- An Industrial Experience in Using Problem Resolution Process for Software Porting -- Managing Engineering and Product Technology: A Method for Technology Assessment -- The Benefits of Networking -- Project Experience Database: A Report Based on First Practical Experience -- SPI – A Guarantee for Success? – A Reality Story from Industry - -- Product Driven Process Improvement PROFES Experiences at Dräger -- Experiences on Lean Techniques to Manage Software Suppliers -- The PROFES Improvement Methodology – Enabling Technologies and Methodology Design -- Methods and Tools -- Object-Oriented Design in Real-Time Embedded Robot Control Software -- Managing Distributed Software Development – A Portfolio Based Methodology -- Software and Process Modelling -- Formalizing SCM Use Cases within the Virtual Software Corporation -- The FEAST Approach to Quantitative Process Modelling of Software Evolution Processes -- A Description of a ‘Framework Approach’ to Evolutionary Systems Development -- Software and Process Measurement -- An Evaluation of Functional Size Methods and a Bespoke Estimation Method for Real-Time Systems -- Instrumenting Measurement Programs with Tools -- Organizational Learning and Experience Factory -- A Relationship-Based View to Software Engineering Competence -- Software Experience Bases: A Consolidated Evaluation and Status Report -- LIDs: A Light-Weight Approach to Experience Elicitation and Reuse.


10.1007/b72823 doi

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