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Information Security and Privacy 5th Australasian Conference, ACISP 2000, Brisbane, Australia, July 10-12, 2000. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by E. P. Dawson, A. Clark, Colin Boyd. - XIII, 488 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1841 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1841 .

Network Security I -- Protecting Confidentiality against Trojan Horse Programs in Discretionary Access Control System -- Towards a New Authorisation Paradigm for Extranets -- Custom Safety Policies in Safe Erlang -- Public Key Cryptography -- A Proposal of a New Public Key Cryptosystem Using Matrices over a Ring -- Secure Length-Saving ElGamal Encryption under the Computational Diffie-Hellman Assumption -- Efficient Scalar Multiplications on Elliptic Curves without Repeated Doublings and Their Practical Performance -- Network Security II -- High Performance Agile Crypto Modules -- A Three-Party HTTP Proxy to Support Internet Content Regulation -- Cryptographic Implementation Issues -- Cryptanalysis of the m – Permutation Protection Schemes -- An Implementation of Bitsliced DES on the Pentium MMXTM Processor -- Electronic Commerce I -- Securing Large E-Commerce Networks -- Passive Entities: A Strategy for Electronic Payment Design -- Key Recovery -- Key Recovery System for the Commercial Environment -- A Key Escrow Scheme with Time-Limited Monitoring for One-Way Communication -- Public Key Infrastructure -- Key Management for Secure Multicast with Dynamic Controller -- PKI Seeks a Trusting Relationship -- The PKI Specification Dilemma: A Formal Solution -- Boolean Functions -- Iterative Probabilistic Cryptanalysis of RC4 Keystream Generator -- Security Weaknesses in a Randomized Stream Cipher -- Two-Stage Optimisation in the Design of Boolean Functions -- Intrusion Detection -- A Novel Engine for Various Intrusion Detection Methods -- Codes -- Construction and Categories of Codes -- Digital Signatures I -- Cryptanalysis of Polynomial Authentication and Signature Scheme -- Secure Transactions with Mobile Agents in Hostile Environments -- A Multisignature Scheme with Message Flexibility, Order Flexibility and Order Verifiability -- Secret Sharing I -- Light Weight Broadcast Exclusion Using Secret Sharing -- Cheating Prevention in Secret Sharing -- On Multiplicative Secret Sharing Schemes -- Digital Signatures II -- On the Security of the RSA-Based Multisignature Scheme for Various Group Structures -- Fail-Stop Confirmer Signatures -- An Extremely Small and Efficient Identification Scheme -- Protocols -- An Anonymous Electronic Bidding Protocol Based on a New Convertible Group Signature Scheme -- AKA Protocols for Mobile Communications -- Electronic Commerce II -- A Three Phased Schema for Sealed Bid Auction System Design -- An Online Public Auction Protocol Protecting Bidder Privacy -- Secret Sharing II -- Algorithms to Speed Up Computations in Threshold RSA -- Sharing Block Ciphers -- Keynote Papers -- All Sail, No Anchor, I: Cryptography, Risk, and e-Commerce -- Professional Ethics in a Security and Privacy Context – the Perspective of a National Computing Society.


10.1007/10718964 doi

Computer science.
Computer communication systems.
Operating systems (Computers).
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Management information systems.
Computer Science.
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Computer Communication Networks.
Management of Computing and Information Systems.
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