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Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2000 25th International Symposium, MFCS 2000 Bratislava, Slovakia, August 28 – September 1, 2000 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Mogens Nielsen, Branislav Rovan. - 710 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1893 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1893 .

Invited Talks -- Region Analysis and a ?-Calculus with Groups -- Abstract Data Types in Computer Algebra -- What Do We Learn from Experimental Algorithmics? -- And/Or Hierarchies and Round Abstraction -- Computational Politics: Electoral Systems -- 0–1 Laws for Fragments of Existential Second-Order Logic: A Survey -- On Algorithms and Interaction -- On the Use of Duality and Geometry in Layouts for ATM Networks -- Contributed Papers -- On the Lower Bounds for One-Way Quantum Automata -- Axiomatizing Fully Complete Models for ML Polymorphic Types -- Measure Theoretic Completeness Notions for the Exponential Time Classes -- Edge-Bisection of Chordal Rings -- Equation Satisfiability and Program Satisfiability for Finite Monoids -- XML Grammars -- Simplifying Flow Networks -- Balanced k-Colorings -- A Compositional Model for Confluent Dynamic Data-Flow Networks -- Restricted Nondeterministic Read-Once Branching Programs and an Exponential Lower Bound for Integer Multiplication -- Expressiveness of Updatable Timed Automata -- Iterative Arrays with Small Time Bounds -- Embedding Fibonacci Cubes into Hypercubes with ?(2cn) Faulty Nodes -- Periodic-Like Words -- The Monadic Theory of Morphic Infinite Words and Generalizations -- Optical Routing of Uniform Instances in Tori -- Factorizing Codes and Schützenberger Conjectures -- Compositional Characterizations of ?-Terms Using Intersection Types -- Time and Message Optimal Leader Election in Asynchronous Oriented Complete Networks -- Subtractive Reductions and Complete Problems for Counting Complexity Classes -- On the Autoreducibility of Random Sequences -- Iteration Theories of Boolean Functions -- An Algorithm Constructing the Semilinear Post for 2-Dim Reset/Transfer VASS -- NP-Completeness Results and Efficient Approximations for Radiocoloring in Planar Graphs -- Explicit Fusions -- State Space Reduction Using Partial ?-Confluence -- Reducing the Number of Solutions of NP Functions -- Regular Collections of Message Sequence Charts -- Alternating and Empty Alternating Auxiliary Stack Automata -- Counter Machines: Decidable Properties and Applications to Verification Problems -- A Family of NFA’s Which Need 2n — ? Deterministic States -- Preemptive Scheduling on Dedicated Processors: Applications of Fractional Graph Coloring -- Matching Modulo Associativity and Idempotency Is NP—Complete -- On NP-Partitions over Posets with an Application to Reducing the Set of Solutions of NP Problems -- Algebraic and Uniqueness Properties of Parity Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams and Their Generalization -- Formal Series over Algebras -- ?-Calculus Synthesis -- The Infinite Versions of LogSpace ? P Are Consistent with the Axioms of Set Theory -- Timed Automata with Monotonic Activities -- On a Generalization of Bi-Complement Reducible Graphs -- Automatic Graphs and Graph D0L-Systems -- Bilinear Functions and Trees over the (max, +) Semiring -- Derivability in Locally Quantified Modal Logics via Translation in Set Theory -- ?-Calculus, Structured Coalgebras, and Minimal HD-Automata -- Informative Labeling Schemes for Graphs -- Separation Results for Rebound Automata -- Unary Pushdown Automata and Auxiliary Space Lower Bounds -- Binary Decision Diagrams by Shared Rewriting -- Verifying Single and Multi-mutator Garbage Collectors with Owicki-Gries in Isabelle/HOL -- Why so Many Temporal Logics Climb up the Trees? -- Optimal Satisfiability for Propositional Calculi and Constraint Satisfaction Problems -- A Hierarchy Result for Read-Once Branching Programs with Restricted Parity Nondeterminism -- On Diving in Trees Thomas Schwentick -- Abstract Syntax and Variable Binding for Linear Binders -- Regularity of Congruential Graphs -- Sublinear Ambiguity -- An Automata-Based Recognition Algorithm for Semi-extended Regular Expressions.


10.1007/3-540-44612-5 doi

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Computer Science.
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