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Next Generation Networks. Networks and Services for the Information Society 5th IFIP TC6 International Symposium, INTERWORKING 2000 Bergen, Norway, October 3–6, 2000 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Sathya Rao, Kaare Ingar Sletta. - XII, 400 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1938 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1938 .

Strategic Views on Future Network Architecture and Services -- The Eurescom Project HINE (Heterogeneous In-House Networking Environment): A Cooperation between Telecom Operators for Advanced Home Networking -- The Generic Network Model - an ITU Approach for Interoperability -- SIP for Call Control in the 3G IP-Based UMTS Core Network -- Integration of IN and Internet: The Balance between Idealism and Current Products Realism -- IP-Based Convergence of Fixed and Cellular Networks and Services in the Light of Liberalization -- Internet Everywhere and on Every Network -- Development of Internet Services Based on Pure JAVA Technology -- An Applicability of Transition Mechanisms for IPv6/IPv4 within the Scope of GPRS with an Internet Communication -- Implementing the Integrated Services QoS Model with IPv6 over ATM Networks -- Transmission of DVB Service Information via Internet -- Preparing for the Information Society with Performing Networks -- Measurement of the Performance of IP Packets over ATM Environment via Multiprotocol-over-ATM (MPOA) -- Evaluation of a New Resource Reservation Scheme for MPEG Transmission in Highly Available Real-Time Channels -- Performance Evaluation of Diffserv Driven HFC System -- Performance Evaluation of RMTP Using NS & RMTP Integration in Current Networks -- European Perspective of Next Generation Networks -- Active Virtual Private Network Services on Demand -- Convergence of IP-Based and Optical Transport Networks -- Value for Money : Quality of Service and Resource Management -- QoS ad hoc Internetworking: Dynamic Adaptation of Differentiated Services Boundaries -- European Research in Next Generation Networks -- An Integrated and Federative Approach to QoS Management in IP Networks -- An Integrated Fixed/Mobile Network for 3G Services -- Smart Card-Based Infrastructure for Customer Data Collection and Handling in the IST E-Tailor Project (IST-1999-10549) -- Provision of QoS for Legacy IP Applications in an ATM-over-HFC Access Network -- Traffic Management and Control -- TCP Conformance for Network-Based Control -- Congestion Control Mechanism for Traffic Engineering within MPLS Networks -- Software Switch Extensions for Portable Deployment of Traffic Control Algorithms -- Capacity Management for Internet Traffic -- Bandwidth Broker and IP Networks -- Building MPLS VPNs with QoS Routing Capability -- A Linux Implementation of a Differentiated Services Router -- Design of a Multi-layer Bandwidth Broker Architecture -- Seamless and Uninterrupted Interworking of Wireless and Wireline Network Technologies -- Selective Topics in Networks -- Modelling and Performance Evaluation of a National Scale Switchless Based Network -- Broadband over Inverse Multiplexed xDSL Modems -- Global Service Control for Multi-media Networks -- Applicability of ABR Service to Internet Applications -- Deploying Advanced IP Services on a Community Network.

Acknowledgements This Volume could not exist without the contributors of its papers. We would like to thank them on behalf of the Symposium organisers, for their support in making this a very successful conference. The editors would also like to thank all reviewers for their help in selecting quality papers. Organising such international events is not easy without the support of sponsors. We would like to thank TELENOR, which was very generous in accepting to host this conference under its Patronage. Our sincere thanks also go to all industrial sponsors and to the members and staff of the European Commission, who provided support of various kinds. In particular we would like to thank Dr. Paulo de Sousa of the European Commission, who helped us integrating the NGN concertation activity into the conference, and Ms. May Krosby of Telenor, who took care of the Secretariat. Last but not least, our sincere thanks to committee members who provided timely help in realising this conference and to our publishers Springer-Verlag for bringing out an excellent volume in time for the conference.


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