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Static Analysis 6th International Symposium, SAS’99 Venice, Italy, September 22–24, 1999 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Agostino Cortesi, Gilberto Filé. - VIII, 360 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1694 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1694 .

Synchronization in JAVA Programs -- A Formal Study of Slicing for Multi-threaded Programs with JVM Concurrency Primitives -- Static Analyses for Eliminating Unnecessary Synchronization from Java Programs -- Synchronous Languages -- Dynamic Partitioning in Analyses of Numerical Properties -- Polyhedral Analysis for Synchronous Languages -- Abstract Domains -- Decomposing Non-redundant Sharing by Complementation -- Freeness Analysis Through Linear Refinement -- Binary Decision Graphs -- Binding-Time Analysis for Both Static and Dynamic Expressions -- Concurrency -- Abstract Interpretation of Mobile Ambients -- Abstracting Cryptographic Protocols with Tree Automata -- State Space Reduction Based on Live Variables Analysis -- Static Single Assignment -- Partial Dead Code Elimination Using Extended Value Graph -- Translating Out of Static Single Assignment Form -- Optimizations -- Eliminating Dead Code on Recursive Data -- Detecting Equalities of Variables: Combining Efficiency with Precision -- Foundations -- A New Class of Functions for Abstract Interpretation -- Equational Semantics -- Abstract Animator for Temporal Specifications: Application to TLA -- Invited Talks and Tutorials -- Static Analysis of Mega-Programs -- Safety versus Secrecy -- On the Complexity Analysis of Static Analyses -- Model-Checking -- Tutorial: Techniques to Improve the Scalability and Precision of Data Flow Analysis.

Static analysis is increasingly recognized as a fundamental reasearch area aimed at studying and developing tools for high performance implementations and v- i cation systems for all programming language paradigms. The last two decades have witnessed substantial developments in this eld, ranging from theoretical frameworks to design, implementation, and application of analyzers in optim- ing compilers. Since 1994, SAS has been the annual conference and forum for researchers in all aspects of static analysis. This volume contains the proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Static Analysis (SAS’99) which was held in Venice, Italy, on 22


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