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Conceptual Modeling — ER ’99 18th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling Paris, France, November 15–18, 1999 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Jacky Akoka, Mokrane Bouzeghoub, Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau, Elisabeth Métais. - XIV, 546 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1728 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1728 .

Session 1 — Supporting Schema Evolution -- Three Levels of Reuse for Supporting the Evolution of Database Schemas -- A Unified Framework for Supporting Dynamic Schema Evolution in Object Databases -- An Incremental and Semi-automatic Method Inheritance Graph Hierarchy Construction -- Session 2 — Temporal Database Design -- Developing an Object-Oriented Video Database System with Spatio-Temporal Reasoning Capabilities -- Entity Evolution in IsA Hierarchies -- Temporal ER Modeling with Description Logics -- Session 3 — Schema Transformation -- Automatic Migration and Wrapping of Database Applications — A Schema Transformation Approach -- A Methodology for Clustering Entity Relationship Models — A Human Information Processing Approach -- Designing Good Semi-structured Databases -- Session 4 — Views and Conceptual Modeling -- Building Views over Semistructured Data Sources -- Modeling and Maintaining Multi-view Data Warehouses -- Object Views through Search Views of Web Datasources -- Session 5 — Reuse in Conceptual Modeling -- Understanding and Modelling Business Processes with DEMO -- A Methodology for Building a Repository of Object-Oriented Design Fragments -- An Algorithm to Extract Is_A Inheritance Hierarchies from a Relational Database -- Session 6 — Business Process Modeling and Workflows -- DOTS: A Generic Infrastructure for Decision-Oriented Collaborative Task Support -- Dockets: A Model for Adding Value to Content -- Workflow Specification in TRAMs -- Session 7 — Integrating Application Models -- From CASE to CARE (Computer-Aided Requirements Engineering) -- Solving the Problem of Semantic Heterogeneity in Defining Mediator Update Translators -- A Method for Requirements Elicitation and Formal Specification -- Session 8 — Data Warehouse Design -- Dealing with Semantic Heterogeneity During Data Integration -- Detecting Redundancy in Data Warehouse Evolution -- Modelling Data Warehouses and OLAP Applications by Means of Dialogue Objects -- Session 9 — Modeling Concepts -- Resolving the “Weak Status” of Weak Entity Types in Entity Relationship Schemas -- A Taxonomy of Recursive Relationships and Their Structural Validity in ER Modeling -- Extending Functional Dependencies in Indefinite Sequence Relations -- Session 10 — Schema Integration -- View Integration of Object Life-Cycles in Object-Oriented Design -- Towards an Automatic Integration of Statecharts -- Design Support for Database Federations -- Session 11 — Advanced Conceptual Modeling -- Operational Characterization of Genre in Literary and Real-Life Domains -- Contextualization as an Abstraction Mechanism for Conceptual Modelling -- Architectures for Evaluating the Quality of Information Models — A Meta and an Object Level Comparison -- Invited Papers -- XML-based Components for Federating Multiple Heterogeneous Data Sources -- A Process-Integrated Conceptual Design Environment for Chemical Engineering -- ER Model, XML and the Web.

This book provides a comprehensive state-of-the-art, in conceptual modeling. It grew out of research papers presented at the 18th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER '99) and arranged by the editors. The plan of the conference is to cover the whole spectrum of conceptual modeling as it relates to database and information systems design and to offer a complete coverage of data and process modeling, database technology, and database applications. The aim of the conference and of these proceedings is to present new insights related to each of these topics. This book contains both selected and invited papers. The 33 selected papers are organized in 11 sessions encompassing the major themes of the conference, especially : - schema transformation, evolution, and integration - temporal database design - views and reuse in conceptual modeling - advanced conceptual modeling - business process modeling and workflows - data warehouse design. Besides the selected papers, 3 invited papers present the views of three keynote speakers, internationally known for their contribution to conceptual modeling and database research and for their active role in knowledge dissemination. Peter Chen presents the results of his ongoing research on ER model, XML, and the Web. Georges Gardarin presents the first results of an ESPRIT project federating various data sources with XML and XML-QL. Finally, Matthias Jarke develops a way to capture and evaluate the experiences gained about process designs in so-called process data warehouses.


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