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High Performance Computing – HiPC’99 6th International Conference, Calcutta, India, December 17-20, 1999. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Prith Banerjee, Viktor K. Prasanna, Bhabani P. Sinha. - XXII, 418 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1745 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1745 .

Session I-A: Architecture/Compilers -- Efficient Technique for Overcomming Data Migration in Dynamic Disk Arrays -- Combining Conditional Constant Propagation and Interprocedural Alias Analysis -- Microcaches -- Improving Data Value Prediction Accuracy Using Path Correlation -- Performance Benefits of Exploiting Control Independence -- Fast Slicing of Concurrent Programs -- Session I-B: Cluster Computing -- VME Bus-Based Memory Channel Architecture for High Performance Computing -- Evaluation of Data and Request Distribution Policies in Clustered Servers -- Thunderbolt: A Consensus-Based Infrastructure for Loosely-Coupled Cluster Computing -- Harnessing Windows NT for High Performance Computing -- Performance Evaluation of a Load Sharing System on a Cluster of Workstations -- Modeling Cone-Beam Tomographic Reconstruction Using LogSMP: An Extended LogP Model for Clusters of SMPs -- Session II-A: Compilers and Tools -- A Fission Technique Enabling Parallelization of Imperfectly Nested Loops -- A Novel “Bi-directional Execution” Approach to Debugging Distributed Programs -- Memory-Optimal Evaluation of Expression Trees Involving Large Objects -- Resource Usage Modelling for Software Pipelining -- An Interprocedural Framework for the Data and Loops Partitioning in the SIMD Machines -- Tiling and Processors Allocation for Three Dimensional Iteration Space -- Session II-B: Scheduling -- Process Migration Effects on Memory Performance of Multiprocessor Web-Servers -- Adaptive Algorithms for Scheduling Static Task Graphs in Dynamic Distributed Systems -- Scheduling Strategies for Controlling Resource Contention on Multiprocessor Systems -- Deadline Assignment in Multiprocessor-Based Fault-Tolerant Systems -- Affinity-Based Self Scheduling for Software Shared Memory Systems -- Efficient Algorithms for Delay Bounded Multicast Tree Generation for Multimedia Applications -- Panel -- Mini Symposium: High Performance Data Mining -- Session III-A: Parallel Algorithms - I -- Self-Stabilizing Network Decompostion -- Performance Analysis of a Parallel PCS Network Simulator -- Ultimate Parallel List Ranking? -- A Parallel 3-D Capacitance Extraction Program -- Parallel Algorithms for Queries with Aggregate Functions in the Presence of Data Skew -- A Deterministic Online Algorithm for the List-Update Problem -- Session III-B: Mobile Computing - I -- Link-State Aware Traffic Scheduling for Providing Predictive QoS in Wireless Mobile Multimedia Networks -- Enhancing Mobile IP Routing Using Active Routers -- Adaptive Scheduling at Mobiles for Wireless Networks with Multiple Priority Traffic and Multiple Transmission Channels -- An Analysis of Routing Techniques for Mobile and Ad Hoc Networks -- MobiDAT:Mobile Data Access and Transactions -- Session IV-A: Parallel Algorithms - II -- Optimal k-Ary Divide&Conquer Computations on Wormhole 2-D and 3-D Meshes -- Parallel Real Root Isolation Using the Descartes Method -- Cellular Automata Based Transform Coding for Image Compression -- A Parallel Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for the Classification Problem -- Parallel Implementation of Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithms on Bus-Based Extended Hypercube -- An Optimal Hardware-Algorithm for Selection Using a Fixed-Size Parallel Classifier Device -- Session IV-B: Mobile Computing - II -- A Novel Frame Structure and Call Admission Control for Efficient Resource Management in Next Generation Wireless Networks -- Harmony – A Framework for Providing Quality of Service in Wireless Mobile Computing Environment -- Stochastic Modeling of TCP/IP over Random Loss Channels -- Accurate Approximate Analysis of Dual-Band GSM Networks with Multimedia Services and Different User Mobility Patterns -- Paging Strategies for Future Personal Communication Services Network -- Session V-A: Parallel Applications -- A Framework for Matching Applications with Parallel Machines -- A Parallel Monte Carlo Algorithm for Protein Accessible Surface Area Computation -- Parallelisation of a Navier-Stokes Code on a Cluster of Workstations -- I/O Implementation and Evaluation of Parallel Pipelined STAP on High Performance Computers -- Efficient Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Methods Using Self-Scheduling Data and Computations -- Avoiding Conventional Overheads in Parallel Logic Simulation: A New Architecture -- Session V-B: Interconnection Networks -- Isomorphic Allocation in k-Ary n-Cube Systems -- Unit-Oriented Communication in Real-Time Multihop Networks -- Counter-Based Routing Policies -- Minimizing Lightpath Set-Up Times in Wavelength Routed All-Optical Networks -- Design of Wavelength Division Multiplexed Networks for Delay-Bound Multicasting -- Generalized Approach towards the Fault Diagnosis in Any Arbitrarily Connected Network.

These are the proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC’99) held December 17-20 in Calcutta, India. The meeting serves as a forum for presenting current work by researchers from around the world as well as highlighting activities in Asia in the high performance computing area. The meeting emphasizes both the design and the analysis of high performance computing systems and their scientific, engineering, and commercial applications. Topics covered in the meeting series include: Parallel Algorithms Scientific Computation Parallel Architectures Visualization Parallel Languages & Compilers Network and Cluster Based Computing Distributed Systems Signal & Image Processing Systems Programming Environments Supercomputing Applications Memory Systems Internet and WWW-based Computing Multimedia and High Speed Networks Scalable Servers We would like to thank Alfred Hofmann and Ruth Abraham of Springer-Verlag for their excellent support in bringing out the proceedings. The detailed messages from the steering committee chair, general co-chair and program chair pay tribute to numerous volunteers who helped us in organizing the meeting. October 1999 Viktor K. Prasanna Bhabani Sinha Prithviraj Banerjee Message from the Steering Chair It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Sixth International Conference on High Performance Computing. I hope you enjoy the meeting, the rich cultural heritage of Calcutta, as well as the mother Ganges, “the river of life”.


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