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Intelligence in Services and Networks: Technology for Ubiquitous Telecom Services 5th International Conference on Intelligence in Services and Networks, IS&Nā€™98 Antwerp, Belgium, May 25ā€“28, 1998 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Sebastiano Trigila, Al Mullery, Mario Campolargo, Hans Vanderstraeten, Marcel Mampaey. - XIV, 554 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1430 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1430 .

Quality of Service -- QoS-based multi-domain routing in public broadband networks -- Optimal distribution of service components -- Accountable and guaranteed services in internet -- A fair Intelligent Network congestion control strategy based on revenue optimisation -- Service management -- ATM services usage metering for accounting and charging -- The EURESCOM P610 Project: Providing a framework, architecture and methodology for multimedia service management -- Offering role mobility in a TINA environment -- Web enabled TMN manager for an international trouble ticketing service -- Agent technology and applications -- Experiences using intelligent agent technologies as a unifying approach to network management, service management and service delivery -- The application of intelligent and mobile agents to network and service management -- ATM network management with distributed transactional agents -- Architecture -- Adaptable and adaptive user interfaces for disabled users in the AVANTI project -- An ATM API for Java -- Integrating TINA into an internet-based services market -- Protocol independent information modelling for a peer-to-peer configuration interface -- Development and deployment of a heterogeneous set of services challenging a TINA-based telecommunication architecture -- Federation in TINA -- Mobility -- Enhancing the TINA architectural framework for personal mobility support -- The role of paging in providing location transparency within cellular systems -- Internet browsing on OSAM platform -- Platforms -- On the usage of standard mobile agent platforms in telecommunication environments -- The ReTINA DPE kernel: A flexible, real-time ORB framework -- Use of transactions in network management applications -- Electronic commerce -- Business and market models of brokerage in network-based commerce -- Dynamic market driven provisioning of services and resources using software agents and electronic chambers of commerce -- An approach to electronic brokerage in TINA environments -- Definition of Service Levels for Electronic Brokerage Applications -- Service creation -- Introducing SDL'92 in the development of TMN applications -- Development of TINA-like systems: The DOLMEN methodology -- Conformance testing of TINA service components - The TTCN/CORBA gateway -- TINA-oriented service engineering support to service composition and federation -- Network management -- Scheduled connections: Managing temporal constraints on broadband network resources -- Performance management in switched ATM networks -- An SNMP-based CNM agent for ATM networks: System architecture and implementation -- Gateways to CORBA -- CORBA and intelligent network (IN) interworking -- A CORBA to CMIP gateway: A marriage of management technologies -- TINA-TMN interworking: Case study of an integration between the VITAL TINA platform and an existing TMN platform -- Security in the information society -- See what you sign secure implementations of digital signatures -- Public Key Infrastructure and certification policy for inter-domain management -- Secure billing for mobile information services in UMTS.

This book consitutes the refereed proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligence in Services and Networks, IS&N'98 in Antwerp, Belgium, in May 1998. IS&N'98 was devoted to Technology for Ubiquitous Telecom Services. The 40 revised full papers presented in a homogeneous style and editing were selected from more than 80 submissions. The book is divided in sections on quality of service, service management, agent technology and applications, architechtures, mobility, platforms, electronic commerce, service creation, network management, gateways to CORBA, and security.


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