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Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science 18th Conference, Chennai, India, December 17-19, 1998. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Vikraman Arvind, Sundar Ramanujam. - XII, 369 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1530 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1530 .

Invited Talk 1 -- Descriptive Complexity and Model Checking -- Session 1(a) -- Approximation Algorithms with Bounded Performance Guarantees for the Clustered Traveling Salesman Problem -- A Hamiltonian Approach to the Assignment of Non-reusable Frequencies -- Session 1(b) -- Deadlock Sensitive Types for Lambda Calculus with Resources -- On encoding p? in m? -- Session 2(a) -- Improved Methods for Approximating Node Weighted Steiner Trees and Connected Dominating Sets -- Red-Black Prefetching: An Approximation Algorithm for Parallel Disk Scheduling -- Session 2(b) -- A Synchronous Semantics of Higher-Order Processes for Modeling Reconfigurable Reactive Systems -- Testing Theories for Asynchronous Languages -- Invited Talk 2 -- Alternative Computational Models: A Comparison of Biomolecular and Quantum Computation -- Session 3 -- Optimal Regular Tree Pattern Matching Using Pushdown Automata -- Locating Matches of Tree Patterns in Forests -- Session 4 -- Benefits of Tree Transducers for Optimizing Functional Programs -- Implementable Failure Detectors in Asynchronous Systems -- Invited Talk 3 -- BRICS and Quantum Information Processing -- Session 5(a) -- Martingales and Locality in Distributed Computing -- Space Efficient Suffix Trees -- Session 5(b) -- Formal Verification of an O.S. Submodule -- Infinite Probabilistic and Nonprobabilistic Testing -- Session 6(a) -- On Generating Strong Elimination Orderings of Strongly Chordal Graphs -- A Parallel Approximation Algorithm for Minimum Weight Triangulation -- Session 6(b) -- The Power of Reachability Testing for Timed Automata -- Recursive Mean-Value Calculus -- Invited Talk 4 -- Efficient Formal Verification of Hierarchical Descriptions -- Invited Talk 5 -- Proof Rules for Model Checking Systems with Data -- Session 7 -- Partial Order Reductions for Bisimulation Checking -- First-Order-CTL Model Checking -- Session 8(a) -- On the Complexity of Counting the Number of Vertices Moved by Graph Automorphisms -- Remarks on Graph Complexity -- Session 8(b) -- On the Confluence of Trace Rewriting Systems -- A String-Rewriting Characterization of Muller and Schupp’s Context-Free Graphs -- Session 9 -- Different Types of Monotonicity for Restarting Automata -- A Kleene Iteration for Parallelism -- Invited Talk 6 -- Quantum Computation and Information.


10.1007/b71635 doi

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Computer Science.
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