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Graph Drawing 5th International Symposium, GD '97 Rome, Italy, September 18–20, 1997 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Giuseppe DiBattista. - XII, 456 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1353 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1353 .

Drawable and forbidden minimum weight triangulations -- A polyhedral approach to the multi-layer crossing minimization problem -- On embedding an outer-planar graph in a point set -- Bipartite crossing numbers of meshes and hypercubes -- Three-dimensional grid drawings of graphs -- Incremental orthogonal graph drawing in three dimensions -- On three-dimensional layout of interconnection networks -- Orthogonal 3-D graph drawing -- Finding the best viewpoints for three-dimensional graph drawings -- A linear algorithm for optimal orthogonal drawings of triconnected cubic plane graphs -- Interactive orthogonal graph drawing: Algorithms and bounds -- Embedding a graph in the grid of a surface with the minimum number of bends is NP-hard -- Algorithms and area bounds for nonplanar orthogonal drawings -- Drawing clustered graphs on an orthogonal grid -- Graph clustering I: Cycles of cliques -- An algorithm for labeling edges of hierarchical drawings -- Elastic labels: The two-axis case -- Pitfalls of using PQ-trees in automatic graph drawing -- Graph drawing with no k pairwise crossing edges -- Area requirements for drawing hierarchically planar graphs -- A short proof of a Gauss problem -- A bayesian paradigm for dynamic graph layout -- Which aesthetic has the greatest effect on human understanding? -- Implementing a general-purpose edge router -- The wobbly logic engine: Proving hardness of non-rigid geometric graph representation problems -- 3DCube: A tool for three dimensional graph drawing -- Graph clustering using multiway ratio cut (Software demonstration) -- ArchE: A graph drawing system for archaeology -- InteractiveGiotto: An algorithm for interactive orthogonal graph drawing -- GRID: An interactive tool for computing orthogonal drawings with the minimum number of bends -- Lexical navigation: Using incremental graph drawing for query refinement -- Design gallery browsers based on 2D and 3D graph drawing (Demo) -- Online animated graph drawing for web navigation -- Grappa: A graph package in java -- GraVis — System demonstration -- Touching graphs of unit balls -- Discrete realizations of contact and intersection graphs (extended abstract) -- Minimum-area h-v drawings of complete binary trees -- Packing trees into planar graphs -- The three-phase method: A unified approach to orthogonal graph drawing -- NicheWorks — Interactive visualization of very large graphs -- Extending the Sugiyama algorithm for drawing UML class diagrams: Towards automatic layout of object-oriented software diagrams -- Graph drawing and manipulation with LINK -- Graph-drawing contest report.

This book constitutes the strictly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Graph Drawing, GD'97, held in Rome, Italy, in September 1997. The 33 revised full papers and 10 systems demonstrations presented were selected from 80 submissions. The topics covered include planarity, crossing theory, three dimensional representations, orthogonal representations, clustering and labeling problems, packing problems, general methodologies, and systems and applications.


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