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Advances in Cryptology — CRYPTO '97 17th Annual International Cryptology Conference Santa Barbara, California, USA August 17–21, 1997 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Burton S. Kaliski. - 546 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1294 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1294 .

The complexity of computing hard core predicates -- Statistical zero knowledge protocols to prove modular polynomial relations -- Keeping the SZK-verifier honest unconditionally -- On the foundations of modern cryptography -- Plug and play encryption -- Deniable Encryption -- Eliminating decryption errors in the Ajtai-Dwork Cryptosystem -- Public-key cryptosystems from lattice reduction problems -- RSA-based undeniable signatures -- Security of blind digital signatures -- Digital signcryption or how to achieve cost(signature & encryption) ? cost(signature) + cost(encryption) -- How to sign digital streams -- Merkle-Hellman revisited: A cryptanalysis of the Qu-Vanstone cryptosystem based on group factorizations -- Failure of the McEliece public-key cryptosystem under message-resend and related-message attack -- A multiplicative attack using LLL algorithm on RSA signatures with redundancy -- On the security of the KMOV public key cryptosystem -- A key recovery attack on discrete log-based schemes using a prime order subgroup -- The prevalence of kleptographic attacks on discrete-log based cryptosystems -- “Pseudo-random” number generation within cryptographic algorithms: The DDS case -- Unconditional security against memory-bounded adversaries -- Privacy amplification secure against active adversaries -- Visual authentication and identification -- Quantum information processing: The good, the bad and the ugly -- Efficient algorithms for elliptic curve cryptosystems -- An improved algorithm for arithmetic on a family of elliptic curves -- Fast RSA-type cryptosystems using n-adic expansion -- A one way function based on ideal arithmetic in number fields -- Efficient anonymous multicast and reception -- Efficient group signature schemes for large groups -- Efficient generation of shared RSA keys -- Proactive RSA -- Towards realizing random oracles: Hash functions that hide all partial information -- Collision-Resistant hashing: Towards making UOWHFs practical -- Fast and secure hashing based on codes -- Edit distance correlation attack on the alternating step generator -- Differential fault analysis of secret key cryptosystems -- Cryptanalysis of the cellular message encryption algorithm -- Security of 2t-root identification and signatures, proceedings CRYPTO'98.

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th Annual International Cryptology Conference, CRYPTO'97, held in Santa Barbara, California, USA, in August 1997 under the sponsorship of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). The volume presents 35 revised full papers selected from 160 submissions received. Also included are two invited presentations. The papers are organized in sections on complexity theory, cryptographic primitives, lattice-based cryptography, digital signatures, cryptanalysis of public-key cryptosystems, information theory, elliptic curve implementation, number-theoretic systems, distributed cryptography, hash functions, cryptanalysis of secret-key cryptosystems.


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