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Hybrid Systems IV [electronic resource] / edited by Panos Antsaklis, Wolf Kohn, Anil Nerode, Shankar Sastry. - X, 410 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1273 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1273 .

Bumpless switching in hybrid systems -- A toolbox for proving and maintaining hybrid specifications -- Simulation of hybrid systems -- Application of the Kohn-Nerode control law extraction procedure to the inverted pendulum problem -- Decidability of hybrid systems with linear and nonlinear differential inclusions -- Reliable implementation of hybrid control systems for advanced avionics -- SHIFT: A formalism and a programming language for dynamic networks of hybrid automata -- Synthesis of minimally restrictive legal controllers for a class of hybrid systems -- Control theory, modal logic, and games -- Agent based velocity control of highway systems -- A computational analysis of the reachability problem for a class of hybrid dynamical systems -- A class of rectangular hybrid systems with computable reach set -- Safe implementations of supervisory commands -- Hybrid system games: Extraction of control automata with small topologies -- Hybrid control design for a three vehicle scenario demonstration using overlapping decompositions -- Towards continuous abstractions of dynamical and control systems -- A totally ordered set of discrete abstractions for a given hybrid or continuous system -- Comparing timed and hybrid automata as approximations of continuous systems -- Hybrid control models of next generation air traffic management.

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference documentation of the Fourth International Conference on Hybrid Systems held in Ithaca, NY, USA, in October 1996. The volume presents 19 carefully revised full papers selected from numerous submissions. Hybrid systems research focuses on modeling, design, and validation of interacting systems (plants) and computer programs (control automata). This volume is devoted to hybrid systems models, formal verification, computer simulation, goal reachability, algorithms for extracting hybrid control programs, and application models for avionics, highway traffic control, and air traffic control.


10.1007/BFb0031551 doi

Computer science.
Special purpose computers.
Architecture, Computer.
Software engineering.
Computer logic.
Computer Science.
Logics and Meanings of Programs.
Theory of Computation.
Computer System Implementation.
Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems.
Software Engineering.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.

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