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Advanced Information Systems Engineering 9th International Conference, CAiSE'97 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, June 16–20, 1997 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Antoni Olivé, Joan Antoni Pastor. - XII, 460 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1250 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1250 .

The story of the IDEA Methodology -- Integrating semi-formal and formal requirements -- Stimuli and business policies as modelling constructs: Their definition and validation through the event calculus -- Using scenarios to validate requirements in a plausibility-centred approach -- Behaviour specification in database interoperation -- Implementing semantic-based decomposition of transactions -- Negotiation transactions: An approach to increase the automation of workflows -- Towards method-driven trace capture -- A multi-perspective framework for the analysis of legacy information systems -- Facilitating analysis and diagnosis in organisations -- OO-Method: An OO software production environment combining conventional and formal methods -- Application of a generator-based software development method supporting model reuse -- A toolkit for Reuse in Conceptual Modelling -- Performance engineering of human and computerised workflows -- Meta-CASE in practice: A CASE for KOGGE -- Augmenting CASE tools with hypertext: Desired functionality and implementation issues -- Interval-based representation of spatio-temporal concepts -- Temporal object role modelling -- Complex object versioning -- A methodology for the design of distributed web systems -- Digital Neighbourhoods: Partitioning the Web for information indexing and searching -- Intranet facilitated knowledge management: A theory and tool for defining situational methods -- A conceptual approach to meta-modelling -- Preserving behaviour: Why and how -- Modeling behavior of Geographic Objects: An experience with the Object Modeling Technique -- Design of distributed applications based on the OSI model -- DELOS-A repository based environment for developing network centric applications -- TDE: Supporting geographically distributed software design with shared, collaborative workspaces -- Semantics of reactive components in event-driven workflow execution -- Workflow transparency -- Towards real-scale business transaction workflow modelling.

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, CAiSE'97, held in Barcelona, Spain, in June 1997. The volume presents 30 revised full papers selected from a total of 112 submissions; also included is one invited contribution. The book is divided into topical sections on requirements engineering; information systems design; methods, environments, and tools; distributed information systems; and workflow systems.


10.1007/3-540-63107-0 doi

Computer science.
Software engineering.
Database management.
Management information systems.
Computer engineering.
Computer Science.
Database Management.
Theory of Computation.
Computer Engineering.
Software Engineering.
Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet).
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