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Melville, Herman

Billy Budd and other tales Billy Budd Herman Melville ; with a new introduction by Julian Markels and an afterword by Joyce Carol Oates. - New Delhi : Penguin books, ©2009. - xiii, 369p. ; 18 cm.

"This edition of Billy Budd is based on a text edited by Frederic Barron Freeman and corrected by Elizabeth Treeman".

Includes bibliographical references (p. 366-369).

Billy Budd -- Piazza -- Bartleby -- Benito Cereno -- Lightning-rod man -- Encantadas, or, Enchanted Isles -- Bell-tower -- Town-ho's story from Moby Dick.

Featured in this volume are "Billy Budd", Melville's posthumously published novella, the story of the rivalry between a handsome sailor and his demonic captain; the tale of the apathetic "Bartleby, the Scrivener; " the riveting "Benito Cereno", the story of a slave ship mutiny written at the time of the Amistad case and "The Town-Ho's Story", a chapter from Melville's masterpiece, "Moby Dick".



Adventure stories, American.
Sea stories, American.
Executions and executioners--Fiction.
Ship captains--Fiction.
Short stories.

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